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⁠ Joe Budden Explains Why He Dropped The Mic During Total Slaughter Rap Battle Event With Hollow Da Don

Winners never quit, quitters never win and rappers never like to get booed. (July 15th) Joe Budden addressed the performance of himself and Hollow Da Don during their Total Slaughter battle, explained why he dropped the mic at the end of the battle and more. 263 more words

Hiphop News(Review)

Matricide: Part One

There are many reasons to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle:

1) Economic -Grains fed to cows and other farm animals bred for slaughter could be used to feed the world’s 842 million who suffer from undernourishment. 653 more words


Learning How Our Food is Really Made and The Impact on the Environment

     Get Veducated is a documentary that traces the life of three meat eaters, Tesla, Brian and Ellen, through their journey to become vegans. Through their journey, filmmaker Marisa Wolfson teaches them about how our meat products are created and about the poor treatment of these animals in the process. 459 more words

Indonesian VIDEO: Alive Dog-Meat Dogs Set on Fire

Indonesian VIDEO: Alive Dog-Meat Dogs Set on Fire

In Sulawesi, Indonesia, at Tomohon Market dogs are smashed on the head a couple of times with a lump of wood, which… 564 more words

Indonesia: Dog Meat Snacks

Indonesia: Dog Meat Snacks

Indonesia has many small dog slaughterhouses dotted around the country, including in the tourist areas in Bali. There aren’t big signs written in English saying Dog Meat, so… 497 more words

Vietnam: Dog Meat Delivery

Vietnam: Dog Meat Delivery

See the live dog behind the bars.  He was the last dog standing. He witnessed all his cage mates die in front of him and was left sitting in their blood on a cold concrete floor, with only his horrific thoughts as company, along with the stench of death. 366 more words

Sunday Music 7/20/14

Ty Segall Band-Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart

This is from Slaughterhouse (2012, In The Red), the only album by Ty Segall Band not to be confused with… 74 more words