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Fast Food Nation Chapter 7: Cogs in the Great Machine @profjsm #code71

In this chapter we learn about some of the slaughterhouse environments. Slaughterhouse management is very corrupt and horrid. The work environment is treated terribly, workers are constantly getting injured and supervisors are power-happy. 176 more words

Fast Food Nation Chapter 6: On the Range @profjsm #code71

This chapter starts out with the main character, Hank who lives out on a farm not very far from a raceway. He was a typical farmer with a family, wife and kids. 192 more words

Monsanto Beans @profjsm #code71

Today in class we watched a documentary that showed us all behind the scenes in meat packaging. This video showed everything from how the employees and animals are treated and the horrifyimg facts about slaughterhouses. 194 more words

Review of Jo-Anne McArthur's We Animals

We Animals, by Jo-Anne McArthur/  Review by Sharon Lax

With the poetry of a well-crafted fable, Canadian Jo-Anne McArthur’s We Animals opens with the image of a dung beetle. 585 more words

Change is good

You might have already seen or known how animals can be treated in factory farms today, you might have even seen how they are killed in slaughterhouses.   315 more words


What Humane Slaughterhouses Don't Solve: The Last Pig

This is a great blog article for people who eat meat, try to do the right thing, and still feel conflicted about it.
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