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Vegan Ethics. I Wish I Had Known.

I don’t know what I did wrong. I know I keep forgetting to add photos. It just tasted off. The vegan macaroni salad, however, isn’t too bad. 511 more words


Animal cruelty

I just read an article about a slaughterhouse in England and its abuse practices. Usually I prefer not to read or look as I cannot stand it. 474 more words


Chris Hedges: All Forms of Life Are Sacred

“…You cannot speak about nonviolence and stick violence into your mouth three times a day. How many of us have grown up with a dog, a cat, a parakeet or a rabbit?

1,062 more words
Human Rights

Meat Is Murder? We Don't Act Like It Is

As animal activists, everything we believe in and stand for militates for us to rise up in revolt against the horrors of the Animal Holocaust. 336 more words

Animal Holocaust

What Would You Do To Save A Child? To Save An Animal?

Most rabid animal activists (and I consider myself to be one – I use the term rabid to convey a sense of serious commitment) believe that sentient beings all have the same right to life and the same right to be here and be left alone. 367 more words

Animal Rights

does anyone else notice...

does anyone else notice a trend of animal cruelty criminal convictions happening only at farms & slaughterhouses, and not elsewhere, like the testing labs?
can we safely assume it’s because the prison industrial complex targets communities of color and low-income peoples, who are often the employees at these farms & slaughterhouses?

U.S. Food Supplier Accused of Falsely Marketing Meat as Halal to Muslims

An Iowa-based food supplier is accused of marketing its products as halal to Muslims worldwide, when its meats were in fact not produced in accordance with strict Islamic standards. 137 more words