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Being Vegan, Slaughterhouse, Psychopaths, Earthlings and other random thoughts.

I have been Vegan going on three years now.  The reason, the primary reason I became vegan was after watching a documentary called Forks over knives.  1,706 more words

The Next Best Thing To Revolution

Revolution is aways off in the future.
But you can do the next best thing to engaging in revolution right now! Actually, you can do it at the next election. 102 more words

Animal Rights

Q & A

Hello! I am so sorry for not being as active on wordpress, but in the span of the past 2 weeks, i’ve had some ideas…. 69 more words

A Hundred and Eight Years Later, The Jungle Still Hits Home

A writer writes. Nothing new there. Everybody knows that.  But a writer also reads. A lot. At least, they should. I often narrow my eyes with skeptical sideways glances toward writers who confess they don’t read much. 656 more words

The Practices of Compassion and Cruelty

“I don’t understand these people trying to help animals when there’s so much human suffering in the world. Shouldn’t they be helping humans instead?”

I was asked this question at dinner the other day. 376 more words

Animal Rights

The Overlooked Plight of Factory Farm Workers

By Lucas Spangher, originally published on The Huffington Post, 8/18/2014

In December, NBC News published a story on an undercover video of animal cruelty in a contract farm to… 802 more words