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My First Experience as a Bathroom Slave

Master and I were headed in to our (at least) daily shower together when he stopped before joining me to go to the bathroom. I had been thinking and wanting to give him the permission to push me on becoming a bathroom slave as has been only talk up until this point.  252 more words


Attitude Matters

The last several days Master has told me this every time things start to… heat up between us.  He uses this to remind me to be not only submissive but “whore-like” in the way that I show my desire to him.  264 more words


Have I Mentioned How Much I Hate Retail?

Twice now, within the last year, I’ve picked up a second job to counteract the fact that I couldn’t pay my bills with the piddly amount of hours my main job was giving me. 323 more words

I Just Need A Moment...

Tomorrow never knows

I will not fall into despair! I will keep myself hardy until freedom is opportune! —-Solomon Northup (12 years a slave – The movie)

In this post I’ve tried to look at the movie 12 years a slave through the lens of Franz Fanon’s wretched on earth…

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One hour

     i am feeling much better today. Master reassured me as He always does. W/we were missing one another terribly today so i went to His work after i got off work. 122 more words

Killing the fear

Fear. Fear is my biggest enemy. i continue to struggle with fear and insecurities daily. It really boils down to the fact that i don’t think that i deserve Master. 858 more words

National Respect Day

Today’s holiday is close to my heart, because of how important respecting others means so much to me, but when did this holiday first originate? 1,016 more words