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Giving Thanks

To my loving Master,

For this i give You my eternal thanks.

slave j/sunshine



Well it has been a pretty dang decent day. Master and i had some issues last night about the ex. He was feeling down because He felt that this was the one area of my life that He had no control over. 375 more words

Uptown Girls in Roman Oxyrhynchos?

In a world where gender, age and social group so heavily defines an individual’s life and their access to socio-economic and political power it’s easy to imagine that, in antiquity, girls would perhaps have had a tougher time of things than most, and that different expectations were placed upon them by their families, peers and communities. 1,551 more words

Secret Addictions Book Release

I am Very Proud to announce that my Book Secret Addictions is now published and ready for purchase on Amazon.com You can enjoy the stories you see here as well as many more! 19 more words

Erotic Stories

Slave Trade

His body was a slave to his soul, chained by the ankles, abused, and neglected. Free will had been the ghost of an elusive dream. Age, the whip in the master’s hand, and life; well, life was the master’s ale. 46 more words

My weekend

Wasn’t that bad, after all. I learned a lot. Mostly I learned to put the past in the past and to look beyond things.

There is no need for anger, no need to stay with people who don’t appreciate my friendship. 34 more words


Sleep restraints

     Another late one. W/we have been watching a movie. It’s already pretty late, so this will be a quick one. i had Master take a couple of pics of the restraints that i sleep in every night last night so that i could show them to all of you. 150 more words