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Why ignore martyrs of world war 1914?

India was a slave country ruled by British when the first world war took place and around 1.3 million Indian soldiers with 82 from Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh,India) alone lost their life in the battlefield. 148 more words


I do what I want!

Yesterday, I ran across a discussion on a forum on a website I won’t name in which a slave was asking for advice from the BDSM community, saying that her master (I refuse to capitalize in this case) not only wasn’t communicating with her about an issue that was pertinent to both of them, but was becoming angry, defensive, and even more secretive whenever she asked questions. 735 more words


For my slave!!

I love you Abe-zure. Hope you sleep well.


Valkyrie (162)

New previews from LUAS and Stitched for the FGC in August. The Valkiria Sets fits together with the Thor Helmet. And the Elenya Shawl is a nice accessoires. 106 more words

How every thing began?!

Honestly I do not have a right answer for this question. As far as I remember, I was always a spoiled little girl, loved and protected by everyone. 644 more words

Dark Side

Good news

Yeah I only have a Strained knee!!!!!



The machines. The filters. The processors. The calculators. The memory banks.What do they do?

They filter. They process. They compute. And so they reduce. Us. To bits. 35 more words