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Notes On the Christian Path

Lately, I’ve been pushing Jesus away.

Christianity was the religion of the people who enslaved my ancestors and forced them to abandon their own religious practices in exchange for a blonde-haired, blue-eyed god-man.   443 more words

100 schoolgirls

A little girl taken by
Bad hands, and
Dead eyes.
Unwanted touches from
Craven men.
Tear little girls dreams
End little girls lives.
Death wished for? 75 more words


Sylmar Couple Charged With Human Trafficking, Slavery Involving Young Girl

LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — A Sylmar couple has been charged with human trafficking and slavery involving a 9-year-old girl who was smuggled from El Salvador. 286 more words


Passover of the Dispossessed

I admit, it can be fun to make light of Religion and Faith.  This “holy week” I’ve already asked two Ministers I know, “If there was a Last Supper, what was the Last Breakfast?”   813 more words

McDonald's Foreign Workers Call it 'Slavery'

Link to article.

Foreign workers recruited from Belize are accusing McDonald’s Canada of treating them like “slaves,” by effectively forcing them to share an expensive apartment – then deducting almost half their take-home pay as rent. 1,206 more words


The Holiday of Passover Part 1

            The seder plate is the center of the holiday

Right now the Jewish people are celebrating one of their biggest holidays. Passover is a holiday that centers on the family. 639 more words