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Standing at that street corner, dazed by the mid day heat of summer: this petite and straightforward woman rides by on her bike, laboriously carrying a full size sledgehammer, upside down by the end of its shaft.

↓ Working title: “Axegeis?” (540 x 598 mm)

Consciousness snapped back with the image. Like an instant enigma, a flash of divination. Still reeling I crossed the street, hot rubber kissing the tip of my right foot as a car swam by engaging its horn. 316 more words

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Standing at a street corner, oblivious in the heat of summer and this mousey housewife rides by on her bike, laboriously carrying a sledgehammer upside down by the end of the shaft.

↓ Working title: “Ax me?” (540 x 598 mm)

And oblivion turned to a full-on mysterious quasi-revelation as I crossed the street, the image seared in to my cornea for a moment. 244 more words

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The sledgehammer klinkt als een horrorfilm en dat is het ook wel een beetje. Een sledgehammer is een hamer die vaak gebruikt wordt in de bouw voor het slopen van muren en breken van beton! 277 more words


Code of Hammurabi and Sledgehammer

I was reading a Kurt Vonnegut book today called If This Isn’t Nice, What Is?  Here are a few snippets from an address to Agnes Scott College, which is a women’s college.  476 more words

Man Gets 12 Years For Sledgehammer Attack

WASHINGTON — A Washington man has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for attacking a co-worker with a hand-held sledgehammer.

Thirty-nine-year-old Abdul Ewumi, who was convicted of assault with intent to kill while armed, was sentenced Friday in D.C. 122 more words


Swinging a Sledgehammer with Man Caves' Jason Cameron

Licensed contractor Jason Cameron is pulling double duty, hosting the series Man Caves and Sledgehammer on DIY Network. Jason took a quick break from his insane schedule to speak with DIRECTV about both shows. 1,200 more words


Why Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" is the only Video of the Year I'll ever need.

With the eve of the 31st annual MTV Video Music Awards upon us, I’d like to posit some thoughts on what’s undisputably one of the most iconic music videos to ever grace the awards. 504 more words