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When You're In Need of a Good Nights' Sleep

My weekend was more hectic than usual, which affected my sleep. This morning I woke up before dawn with a stiff neck and a sour disposition. 604 more words

Women Motivation

Bedhead, dream catchers and clean sheets

Another 02:15 post… turning into my nightly entertainment. That and shenanigans on the box…Zzzz (I know).
Bedtime is the hardest part of the day, well for me and my LDR. 981 more words


Top Medical Schools - What Do They Seem?

This is really a debate that has and ought to go on up to the world itself stops spinning. But the truth is, method the world is constantly changing, a better education isn’t the be all and end all who’s used in order to. 503 more words

2 Months Old!

I can’t believe it. What a fun month!

Two months has creeped up on us because of all that has happened in the month of August like moving away from the country to Columbia and starting college. 392 more words