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Project plan version 2 – sleep and exercise

After project plan version 1 was thrown into the bin in less than 48 hours, I have come to a few conclusions: 327 more words

Project Plan

Draft 1 out the window

Well, it took me less than 48 hours to abandon my first plan draft (that was more than a week ago). I just can’t keep out of bed. 89 more words

Project Plan

Project Plan, Week 1

Week 1 is going to be a four-day week. I want weeks to start on Monday’s but I’m not going to wait until Monday to start my plan. 311 more words

Project Plan

Daily Prompt: Mr. Sandman

The latest Daily Prompt question is about sleep and asks “What kind of sleeper are you? Do you drop off like a stone and awaken refreshed, or do you need pitch black and silence to drift off to dream?”. 351 more words


Day 3


Juice for breakfast – apple, cucumber, broccoli, curly kale, carrot, lime & beetroot. Nice :)Slept from 10am  – 2:15pm – seriously!! Slept again at 7pm for 20 mins and then went to bed at 10pm – is this my life from now on?I did not achieve anything but I feel better. 24 more words

Health Turnaround

Sleeping on the right side

Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him advised us 1400 years ago to start our sleeping mode on the right side, why?

Scientists say that sleeping on the left side is not favored, as the heart would be under the pressure of the right lung, the biggest of the two lungs, and this would affect its contraction especially if the person is old. 63 more words

Short Stories

Sleeping Smarter

My first goal was to get back into a good sleeping pattern. I had been sleeping well at night-time and spending most of the day out of bed, then a few incidences of over-exertion left me resting in bed most of the day AND sleeping at night. 176 more words

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