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We're Here To Answer Your Pressing Questions About Insomnia

Can I change your sleep patterns if I work hard? I’m tired every day after a restless sleep every night. I just want to get some sleep! 325 more words


Baby Routines (aka, The Blog Post That Will Most Likely Get Me Punched In The Nose)

Ah, such a touchy subject. When other mums discuss how many times they get up in the night, I keep my mouth shut. When other mums despair over the few hours of sleep they get, I change the topic. 524 more words


This Weekend

Sunday was a rough day for me. Derrod and I went to Starbucks with my mother for her birthday and afterward all we did was drive home, and I was completely exhausted. 196 more words


How Can You Help Your Sleeping Patterns?

Ever since I was young, my father always told me that I needed my beauty sleep—either he would tell me that if I didn’t I would look like him and that was not beautiful or he would tell me that I would never look as beautiful as him. 589 more words


Night Owls Rule and Morning People Suck


“And I don’t want to hold her down, don’t want to break her crown,

When she says, Let’s go, I like the night life baby” 1,599 more words

Random Stuff

Sleep Doctor Studies Habits of Famous Crew of Aquanauts

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A local sleep doctor studies the sleep habits of a famous crew of aquanauts—under the sea.

Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of the legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau, led his crew on a 31-day mission in a marine lab located 63 feet underwater off the coast of Key Largo. 186 more words


Night Terrors are the worst.

One of my scariest moments I’ve had in life so far is when my oldest daughter (5yrs) had night terrors for the first couple of times.   670 more words