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Insomnia and Obesity… Can Reducing Stress Address Them Both?

With obesity rates and stress levels in America climbing to all-time highs, it is no wonder that people are having such a hard time sleeping. Recently, a connection between insomnia and obesity has been discovered within the region of the brain that controls sleep and waking known as the hypothalamus… which may help explain why insomnia seems so prevalent in obese individuals. 447 more words


Frak You, Kronos!

(now that I have a friend doing a degree in Classics, I’m suddenly much less confident making casual references to Greek mythology, considering my knowledge of which stems exclusively from old Percy Jackson books) 504 more words

I Suck


What do they dream about? Sometimes it’s not good. Billy used to wake up once or twice a night screaming, and would sometimes repeat over and over again “I want my mummy”, “I want my mummy”. 1,306 more words


The inconveniences of attention deficit dis... – squirrel!

1:51 a.m. And I’d already been awake for about an hour. On a school night. Or morning  or whatever.

I hear that women of a certain age, who might be struggling with hormonal imbalances, might also be developing changes in sleeping patterns. 585 more words


Baby Sleep Positions Anyone?

My son is going to be 3 months old on December 7th, a milestone! My son has some very awkward and high maintenance habits, yes I admit that my son is not an angel. 524 more words


Sleep In Saturdays?

By Candace

According to a poll conducted at the IBSH Elementary School in the fall of 2014, kids don’t like waking up early on Saturdays (on average). 45 more words


‘Outline and evaluate research (theories/ studies) into lifespan changes in sleep.’ (8 marks + 16 marks)


Sleeping patterns change as we age and are not consistent across time, with sleep needs varying both qualitatively (the different stages of sleep) and quantitatively (how much sleep an individual requires). 917 more words

Sleep And Sleep Disorders: A2 Level