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The Sweeping, Global Generalization


originally published on March 12 2014

Food, Politics, Diet, Health, Exercise, Stress, Sleep Patterns, Medicine.  All of these topics have been threading through my mind lately.   390 more words

Counting Calories

Foods that keep your clients up all night long

Caffeine is a stimulant. Any form of caffeine or any other stimulant, like dark chocolate is not good to eat before bed – sometimes you must limit it to right after lunch. 258 more words

Elderly Care

Is your senior having trouble sleeping?

Do you know that as a caregiver that you can help your charge get more sleep by simply feeding them some foods that induce sleep? On the flipside, if they eat other types of foods they could potentially be up all night. 654 more words

Elderly Care

How does your client’s sleep pattern affect their Dementia?

If you have ever noticed how your client sleeps, it may just lead you to the fact that their sleep pattern has a lot to do with how their Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease (AD) changes. 177 more words

Elderly Care

Wearable tech proves you can’t sleep through an earthquake

WATCH: Earthquake shaking a home in the San Francisco suburb of Hercules early Sunday morning.

TORONTO – The worst earthquake to hit Northern California in nearly 25 years… 305 more words


The lost "I love you"s

I’m tired.

I spent the past week dating like a crazy person. And when I wasn’t dating, I was swimming. Also tiring, although much more satisfying. 256 more words

Break Up

We're Here To Answer Your Pressing Questions About Insomnia

Can I change your sleep patterns if I work hard? I’m tired every day after a restless sleep every night. I just want to get some sleep! 325 more words