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My all out war on fat, disease, worry and you name it

So, this is the year that I turned 60, not so big, just another day, right or is it?
No, it is a big deal for a lot of important reasons.
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Water Melons For Beating Summer Heat

  Scorching summer is up and excessive heat can upset the body causing irritability, sleep problems, exhaustion, dehydration and lack of concentration. But food and drink have a major role, by helping your body maintain cool and healthy during summer.  133 more words

Food Facts And Issues

Day #17 - A little bump in the road

I had a loooong day at work, and (even though it was to be a rest day) kinda wanted to get out and go running. I had felt my ankle swell up a little after my run on Tuesday, but it felt fine Wednesday morning. 460 more words

The Right Direction.

I’ve always said that I could be in bed for 10 hours and only get 5 hours of sleep. According to my Fitbit, I only get 4 hours. 553 more words

Dealing With a Weight Loss Plateau

I know… You’ve been doing so well with your weight loss.  In January you made a conscious decision to reduce the amount of food you eat, reducing your calorie intake.  1,216 more words

Tears to smiles May diary

Welcome to the Tears to Smiles blog.  I have set up this blog to post information that may be of interest to parents and also as a place to keep in touch with what is going on here at Tears to Smiles.  366 more words

Learning to sleep again (without pills)

Sleep problems are common and unhealthy too. Lack of sleep impacts on alertness, cognition, productivity, safety, learning and our mood. It is associated with hypertension and depression. 518 more words

Health Tips