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“Conner!” his voice echoed off the halls of the empty hallway. “Conner, stop!”

Nathan’s friend was just one step ahead, though, ducking through doorways as though he walked them every day. 358 more words

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Bottle Nightmare

About a month ago, my toddler was almost bottle weaned. They had completely night-weaned themself after almost a year of us struggling to get them to fall asleep without a bottle, one night they just crawled into bed and fell asleep without it.  486 more words

A Kindergarten Failure

Now that I’m 61, I’m starting to learn the value of some practices that I shunned when I was six. At the top of this list is nap time. 251 more words

Getting Lasting Relief From Sleep Problems With The Trivedi Effect®

Sleep, or as it is often called the state of slumber, is very important. It is one of the necessities of healthy living to be able to sleep comfortably and get the required hours of rest that your body demands. 344 more words

The Trivedi Effect

Don't wake a sleeping baby... Yeah... Right...

I have no doubt that if you’ve had a baby, you’ve heard the ooh so popular line of advice -
‘Sleep when the baby sleeps’ 479 more words


Teens struggle to get a good night's sleep

Homework, sports, friends, clubs, family obligations, stress. All of these things can keep students up at night- or at least keep them from getting to sleep early. 783 more words


Cracks in the Stars 2

I think that each time I post I’ll put up roughly five pages at a time. That seems like it works for me pretty well, and allows me to stay about twenty pages ahead if I keep writing five pages a day. 1,588 more words

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