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Thomas - Day Two

Day Two, woke up having had 2, maybe 3 hours sleep.
took my pills (drowsy)
got on with my day, nothing note worthy,
made a cv… 14 more words


Samm - Day Two...

Good Morning Reader!

Okay, Okay, Settle down.. I know, It’s day two!!
(for you at least – I’ve lost count on what day it is for me) 129 more words


Day Eight Hundred and Thirty Six of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

Early Morning

I had another difficult sleep last night. When I did finally fall asleep I was a little distressed because I’d have to get up in less than four hours. 422 more words


Samm - Day One?

Good Morning Reader!

As my brother stated in his day one post, after copious amounts of contemplation, we finally started this blog… or rather he did and dragged me along for the ride! 112 more words


Thomas - Day One

Sam and I have spoken many times about starting some sort of a vlog or blog recording our antics in the hours most people lose laying motionless as they bodies prepare them for the next day and the next and the next. 18 more words


Day Eight Hundred and Thirty Four of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

Tourist for the Day

I took my cousins and we picked up my Aunt to go to a museum and have lunch. It was a beautiful day. 316 more words

You have the power to positively create for your child

Often people’s only association with Feng Shui is to attract abundance or for monetary gain. Let me tell you its not all about money toads and chinese coins. 510 more words