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One Day ....

Favorite lazy day activities ….

1. Read a good book I’ve waited months to get to
2. Sleep
3. Flip through a fun magazine
4. Sleep… 30 more words

Confession 4_ i miss you

I miss you. Thats all I have to say. Despite of all the lies, betrayal and anger I showed you was a representation of my insecurities and confusion on if I really wants to be with you. 25 more words


Sleep Paralysis and a Waking Terror

I was having a nightmare.  Gremlins were chasing me around an old house.  I awoke from the terror.  But, although my eyes were open, I couldn’t move.  295 more words

Alien Abduction


He melts through the night
With a whispering tread,
And touches all souls
On the street or in bed.

There are some who do love him, 96 more words


Your Ancestors Didn’t Sleep Like You – Are We’re Doing It Wrong?


Evidence continues to emerge, both scientific and historical, suggesting that the way in which the majority of us currently sleep may not actually be good for us. 845 more words


Rock Yourself To Sleep In An Great Swing Bed

The inner youngster in us loves the believed of being rocked to sleep swing beds for each the patio and bedroom are on-trend, as such I’ve found that these fabulous beds come in all designs. 28 more words

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