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dear you

quick letter to you before i go to bed… spent the past couple of hours working on getting a link to work on my page here on wordpress… come to find out that the link to my google voice account is the one that is the dud.. 219 more words

Random Thoughts

Transpacific Laments for Starry Skies

I was always a terrible sleeper.

Anxious and constantly thinking by nature, my childhood mind was a churning furnace of thought and story and all the many possible futures. 832 more words

Big Spooky Life Stuff

Insanity is my reality

The darkness wraps around my brain as I forget my reality
I slip into insanity

I close my eyes to open my ears,
Only to realize… 38 more words


Why Sleep When There is Caffeine?

I had to majorly shuffle my schedule around to be able to do that whole Easter thing with the fam. So now, instead of closing two nights in a row I’ve closed one night (got off at 1AM) and am going in tomorrow (today) at 7:45AM. 25 more words

The world of (Japanese) work

We perceive Japan as a nation of hard-working people who have successfully taken the best ideas of the Western world, engineered their features into new products which they have sold back to the West. 1,079 more words



I can’t sleep

My head throbs

I force myself to into slumber

I lie awake

I feel time pass

I do nothing

My eyes are wide open… 54 more words



Reality sinks in full force

My eyes snapped open

I awoke with a swift intake of breath

My head turned at the clock

Time slapped me on the face… 67 more words