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Young gun list

As I stared at the rice in my pantry, wondering if I would be able to add it to my smoothie, I realised a very important piece wisdom. 389 more words

Life Conquering

Sleepy Tea

When I cannot sleep; when I have, a little, slept, but wake, and wake soon in, like an advert break arriving just merely after the opening creds – when I cannot sleep I get up and I make myself a tea. 317 more words

Family History

Sweet Dreams

My jolly little grandchild seems to have decided that morning naps are not for her. She might miss something. Too bad she can’t talk yet or she could explain to her Grandpa about the nap thing. 608 more words


8 Amazing Songs For Relaxing That You May Have Never Heard

Alright, so a few weeks ago I did a list of some songs that would be really good for helping to get you energized and excited, but now its time to go the other route and give you some songs that I use to calm down.   612 more words

S is for

April 22, 2014

S is for…

…sleep.  I don’t get enough sleep.  I need more.

Good night.

A To Z Challenge

Core Health Dynamics | Top 5 | How to start exercising!


I actually really don’t like that word. I only used it in the title because it’s a pretty general term. Much like the word (dare I say it) ‘D.I.E.T’ ( I prefer Nutrition Plan), the word ‘Exercise’ has negative connotations.  2,024 more words