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Melatonin for Sleep: How Does it Work?


If you struggle with insomnia as many Americans do, then someone has probably recommended that you take a melatonin supplement before. But if you want to know about it before you start popping pills (even if they are just natural supplements), then read on and watch the video above for some facts. 267 more words


Night Neighbors, poems (279/365)

Dear Neighbors
Nighttime is not
The right time
To be fighting
But it’s time
For sleeping
For Dreaming
And forgiving
That’s solid advice
So please y’all… 47 more words

365 Art Project

Insomnia strikes again.

Do some people just not have a natural sleeping cycle?
Because I really feel like I don’t. It’s been impossible for me to get on a normal sleeping schedule let alone keep it! 175 more words

Nothing like a long night

After the work day was over today, I was beat.

I decided to get to bed early and get some sleep. I have some minor procedure scheduled for tomorrow and figured I’d try to get a good night sleep. 73 more words


Waking Up Early Tomorrow

I apologize. I’m waking up way early tomorrow, and I should’ve posted earlier. But now is my time to sleep, so that I can get ready early enough tomorrow. 146 more words


Hello weekend!

Happy Friday, everyone! We are heading up to Laikipia for the weekend with lots of friends. I’ll tell you more about it next week when we’re back! 318 more words

Nairobi Living

Nightly Note #1

No, I don’t have insomnia, but yes I have difficulty falling asleep. I’ve tried counting sheep, low dose melatonin tabs that taste like strawberries and even the occasional meditation session but all have been for not. 170 more words