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Haiku #56

Silent not is sleep
When dreamscape bleeds light of day
Open eye spins round


Work for 30DII Book

Write Your Own Wiki // 2014


The Victim 3 Times?

I had sort of a nightmare last night.  I was stabbed through the throat three separate times as 3 separate people.  When one person was murdered I took the body of someone else and saw everything through their eyes.  157 more words



He went.


Leaving my heart hopelessly flittering in the cage he has bound it in.

It aches.


Surging with a force that can wipe away my train of thoughts. 12 more words


How Reading At Night Can Help You Cope With Nocturnal Awakenings

I’ve learned a lot from Dr. Lynelle Schneeberg. She is a clinical psychologist boarded in Sleep Medicine. She is the director of Behavioral Sleep Medicine at Gaylord Sleep Medicine, which is soon to become the Yale Sleep Medicine Program. 762 more words


TGIGD (Thank God It's Game Day)

Dear Diary,

The humans bought be a linebacker jersey. It is meant for an XS size dog, alas it is too small for me. The back of the jersey says “linebarker” so I guess I’m pretty tough. 16 more words

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