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Daily prompt: Because the night...

I love the morning on weekends.

Mornings during the week are a different matter. The shrill ringing of my alarm clock, followed five minutes later by the insistent buzzing of my mobile’s alarm will tear me away from some dream. 396 more words

Daily Prompt

Relaxing Music deep Sleep #5 (432 Hz)+Delta Binaural Waves [Meditation & Relaxation] by Fred Bouchal



3 hours playlist of Relaxing, Meditation, Sleep music, Healing, Reiki, Background Music, Yoga, Zen, Spa, Study, Instrumental, Soundtrack…
Divine Aim

how do you sleep?

If there’s one thing that can compete with cold weather for the distinction of being the thing I most bitterly despise, it’s when I’m forced to stay up late at night.     594 more words


#NicoleWrites - High and Dry

That bastard. He’d done it, again. She’d fallen for his lies, again. How could she be so stupid? She thought he’d grown out of this. This game. 615 more words

Short Story

Née née going sleepy sleep

I desparately need to do a little night weaning but my youngest is less than agreeable . We need an intervention . I am not up for “crying it out” so I will once again be doing my research and will post what I find in the hopes that it will help other desperate sleep-deprived mommas out there .


My debts are rising

No treasure or currency

But the uprising

Of physical circuitry

So I bid the world

Hello, goodbye, and goodnight

Curtains had unfurled… 34 more words