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Candid thoughts after a year of institutional vampirism

Working the night shift sucks, (hence the vampire metaphor) but there’s much worse things out there. Unemployment, for example.

You probably remember last year when we talked about leaving my longtime job at KACU and I took on my first full-time job as morning producer at KTXS. 668 more words


Writing with one eye closed

Dear daughter,

Please let me know what is happening every night at 3am which wakes you up. I’d like to stop it from happening so that you, and therefore I, sleep through the night, like we’ve been doing for the past 9ish months. 19 more words

Dreams, good and bad.

I get my stories from dreams. Each one has arrived at night and stayed on in bright detail as the beginning of a story. However, some dreams don’t make stories, or anything close to one. 234 more words

love hate relationship

It used to be something so simple so easy to fall into. something peaceful an escape.
when i fall asleep after my nights dose of medication i am in constant fear and pain. 46 more words

Patter Of Fall Rain (Tanka)

Patter of fall rain
Hypnotic in its rhythm
Lulling me to sleep
Warm and dry in my slumber
My soul is truly at peace

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~