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It's about time for a change.

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So, I am really wanting to blog more often than I am. I am going to try and make a point to blog at least 4 times a week… hopefully more. 522 more words


Οι Sleeping At Last έχουν διασκευάσει το τραγούδι I’m gonna be (500 miles) των Proclaimers.

Ένα τραγούδι το οποίο είχε κυκλοφορήσει το 1988 στο album Sunshine on Leith.


Sleeping at Last

It’s Blackie here! Do you guys remember the Twilight Saga movies? Yes, I know it’s been like 2 years since it ended and I’m sure a lot of people would like to forget the saga, but you know what I’m talking about right? 793 more words



Dear French boy,

Merry Christmas.

I’m hoping that you are happy. I do wish that there is nothing that’s making your heart feel heavy. I get pretty melancholic during the holidays, maybe you do too; maybe that’s one thing we have in common. 266 more words

Christmas Carols.

A Favorite

Nothing that I wrote this week really felt like the right thing to share;  everything felt a little too contrived.  In an effort to rest and just trust that what I have to offer is good enough, that what we all have to offer, no matter how small, is good enough, I’ve decided to share one of my favorite Christmas songs.   375 more words

Seasons And Holidays

Day Nineteen: "I Was Searching and I Found" - Weaver at the Loom

When I first started writing music I felt the need to write full-length albums. For some reason I believed that I was only valid as an artist if I had twelve songs to my name. 317 more words