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There were these large, stone mushrooms.

I probably shouldn’t try to eat them. I don’t think stone mushrooms would taste very good. Or agree with my stomach. 7 more words

Anna Olswanger

Peles Castle

People at Peles Castle sure liked spirals.

I hope they didn’t get dizzy from looking at those spirals all the time.

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Scottish Terrier

Romania-Scarisoara Cave

This large cave in Romania is filled with ice. Did someone bring in a lot of water so it could just freeze inside the cave? 24 more words

Anna Olswanger

National Museum of Finland

At the National Museum of Finland, I was afraid the bear at the entrance might not let me in.

They managed to get a boat into the ceiling. 21 more words

Anna Olswanger

Design Museum

The Design Museum, Helsinki has everyday items on display.

But I couldn’t tell what some things were.

They even hung clothes on the wall. Wouldn’t it be better to wear them? 8 more words

Anna Olswanger


This church was actually dug into the rock in the ground.

I guess that would be rock solid architecture.

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Anna Olswanger