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This church at Reykjavik, Iceland has lots of thin stairs on the outside that lead to the top but they don’t seem to actually go into the church. 27 more words

Anna Olswanger

Hungary-Vajdahunyad Castle and Statue of Anonymus

At the Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest, Hungary, there’s a cloaked man sitting all alone with a big stone book and pencil in hand.

Seems like it would be very difficult and take a very long time to write into stone. 16 more words

Anna Olswanger

Bulgaria-Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

This cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria has domes built right on top of one another.

It makes me think of scoops of ice cream all piled up. 13 more words

Anna Olswanger

Rock Sculpture of Decelabus

This old man has been here so long that an entire forest has grown around him.

He must be very patient. I wonder what he is waiting for. 7 more words

Anna Olswanger