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Lock up your daughters! And don’t, whatever you do, let them go to the cinema. Because if Walt Disney has its way, they’ll all be brainwashed into becoming strident little Feminazis who insist on equal pay and endlessly gripe about men’s behaviour in tweets hashmarked… 915 more words


Prince Phillip: Love At First Sight?

Some people roll their eyes at the term ‘love at first sight’, but those people obviously haven’t talked to Prince Phillip of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty before. 404 more words

Drawing Disney

Film Review - Maleficent (2014)

A good few weeks ago, I finally saw Maleficent, a film that I’ve been ecstatically excited to see since I first saw the trailer all the way back in January. 461 more words


Once Upon a Dream

Today I am going to give a review on Disney’s latest movie, Maleficent.

Everyone has heard the story of Sleeping Beauty.  Princess Aurora is put under a curse by an evil fairy called Maleficent. 522 more words


A Zombie I must be

I lost my sleep last night

five people came in by surprise 

thought they would stay only for a while

but they slept ’til the sun shines  61 more words


Maleficent (2014)

Maleficent (2014) – IMDb.

Maleficent is the retelling of the classic Disney film “Sleeping Beauty” with surprising twists and turns. The antagonist from the original film becomes the heroine and in turn, provides the viewer with a new found sense of closeness with Maleficent, a classic “villain”. 72 more words

Angelina Jolie

Once upon a nightmare

I know you 
I was in love with you once upon a dream.
I know you 
The harshness in your eyes is so familiar a gleam.  138 more words