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Snow White by SilentPain0 ~ Sweet Dreams beautiful friends ♥ via Tumblr

via Love Nature & Wildlife.

Beauty of Nature & Wildlife Snow White by SilentPain0 ~ Sweet Dreams beautiful friends ♥ via Tumblr

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Daily Dose of Dapper: Snuggle Bug

I was a little snuggle bug on Sunday and just couldn’t get enough of sitting on mommy’s lap. She had a cozy blanket on her, and every time she sat down on the couch with the blanket I just couldn’t help myself and had to jump up and nap for a bit. 7 more words

Tuxedo Cat

Daily Dose of Dapper: Lazy Day

Hey friends! It’s hump day which means I’m going to lay here on my favorite spot on the couch and sleep all day…what are you up to?

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The Prince Of Snooze

Rusty, the Prince of Snooze
Our Miracle Babe
Showing everyone
How Snooze is done!

iPad Photography/ “The Prince of Snooze” 2014©AmyRose

Short version of what happened to Rusty: 7 more words


the white room

an ice-cold room
bare walls
their whiteness
obscures vision

in the middle
a tree grows
old and strong
through the vault

crossed arms
a book on the floor… 40 more words