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National Geographic Photo Of The Day x Sleeping Giant

Photo by Hidenobu Suzuki

–Mount Fuji looms over Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, after a heavy rainstorm. “When I took the photos in a breathless silence, I had a strong feeling that the Earth was alive and had a soul,” writes photographer Hidenobu Suzuki.


I chose blue

I wrote yesterday that we were going for a hike at Sleeping Giant last night. After meeting at my house we quickly changed into shorts and t-shirts and headed out for the ten minute drive.  414 more words

The giant up the street

One of the activities Bill and I like to do together is hike but where we live there aren’t any mountains to climb. My house is situated between three parks which all have trails and some elevation; we’ll usually head over to  346 more words

Sleeping with giants

We were alone, deep within the woods, when we heard it: a rustling in the trees ahead. My heart jumped to my throat. Naively, we had left our bear spray back at camp, and now we were standing in the middle of a ripe berry patch. 1,336 more words


Long past time we imposed legal fees on losing parties

Fat narcoleptic Andrew Robert Rector sues ESPN for broadcasting his image at a ball game. $10 million in damages to his reputation, he claims. If he thought he was injured before, wait until he sees what world-wide internet exposure does for his image.

I'm Canadian...Geographically Speaking.

Ethnically speaking I was born in the country formerly known as Czechoslovakia. Currently known as Slovakia or the Slovak Republic. It’s considered the “poor” side of the country. 618 more words


Sleeping Giant release lyric video for Overthrow which is off their new album, Finished People

The Christian metalcore band, Sleeping Giant from Salt Lake City are set to release their new album FINISHED PEOPLE on August 19in North America and August 18 in Europe. 730 more words