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Why do people sleep in class?

  • The class is boring.
  • nothing better to do.
  • someone challenged you to sleep.
  • you are totally hammered.
  • someone else is sleeping.
  • the teacher sprayed Chloroform all over the classroom.
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Too bad, so sad

A dude fell asleep in my class yesterday…



I prefer not to take credit for anything, especially when it comes to my work. This Friday, after I ended my class, one of my students told me that he likes it that I make CLE class for him very interesting (Well, I hope this goes for the rest of the year. 51 more words

Porqi's Thoughts

No Regrets

I’ve always loved learning. I will always hate school. Learning is fun while studying is boring and tiring. The two are completely different things since one can learn without studying and study without learning. 297 more words