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Why Athletes May 'Run' to iPhone-Compatible Mettis Trainer

In recent weeks, amidst a flurry of reports about the health-centric attributes of Apple’s forthcoming smartwatch and an array of new wearable devices from across the mobile electronics landscape, we’ve heard ample projections about burgeoning consumer interest in technology that improves their health and wellness. 57 more words

Your Ancestors Didn't Sleep Like We Do. We Are Doing It Wrong.

You know how some of us just wake up in the middle of the night ready to start a new day?  It turns out that might be a past programming of historical sleep patterns.   29 more words

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Cat Naps

Generally speaking, up until recently I’ve pretty much been in a state of constant tiredness, having energy for small bursts and then settling back into a familiar state where I’m not rested  but no longer really conscious of the tiredness that always seemed present. 458 more words

So much sleeping!

I am noticing that the older my clients get, the more that they crave sleep. I always thought that I would feel like kicking my life into high gear and getting to everything that I wanted to in the past – when I did not have time to do those things. 197 more words

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Quick Cuts: Sleeping Patterns

“My name is Ben Matthews. Today is December 18th, 2003, 10:35pm. Tonight I’ve decided to take some footage of my sister, to prove to her doctor that she’s clearly ill…”

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