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Starting Sleep Training

You must start teaching your baby to sleep as soon as he comes home from the hospital, except that there is no way to teach a baby how to sleep before 8 weeks, 4 months, or 6 months. 1,501 more words

Life Stories

Smarty-pants Mrs. Pantley

When my daughter was six months old, she stopped sleeping through the night. The word, stopped, is not a typo. She was one of those freakishly strange children who started sleeping through the night at the very young age of eight weeks. 1,021 more words

Sleep...The Holy Grail

Currently, Lil C is sleeping in his bed and Baby L is sleeping on the couch next to me while I am watching The Voice and updating this blog.   254 more words


Breastfeeding True or False ...

Christmas! It’s just around the corner now and along with the wonderful fun and games it can also be a time when we get questioned by well-meaning family/ friends about breastfeeding. 3,564 more words


Bedtime routine

I want to start off by saying that this is not going to be solution for every baby, this is just what worked for us. Will it work with other children? 771 more words


Sleeping Like a Baby...Really??

This title made me laugh because when I say it, I like to use the tone that Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers would use on Saturday Night Live during Weekend Update. 567 more words

Manning at Six Months

As I write this post — or should I say as I start the beginning of this¬†post; the whole process takes a few days — Manning is bouncing in his activity jumper and watching TV with me. 2,332 more words

First Time Mom