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The Parts That Work

I caught myself in a self-sabotage this morning.

Over the past few days I have lucked into a routine that working. As a girl who requires a lot of sleep (!), and being someone who routinely finds herself trying to function on… 826 more words


The hardest thing I've ever done

Baby H turned six months old a few weeks back. I’m not sure where the time has gone. She changes every day and has become such a curious little squirmy sweetheart. 882 more words

The Ugly

Baby: Sleep Training (Part III)

Please note: You cannot expect a baby to sleep through the night, until they have started on solid foods.  Just putting that out there – you may have to wait! 1,017 more words


Baby: How To Get Baby To Sleep Through The Night (Sleep Training Part I)

If you’re reading this, it’s possible you’ve just done what I did – Googled “How to get my baby to sleep through the night”!  Read my experience below, and how we finally got our baby to put himself to sleep and sleep through the night. 599 more words


Baby schedule.

I haven’t tried bring Charley out on my own as of yet. Most of the time I’m out with my mum. In fact, Charley’s day schedule is so packed to the brim that sometimes she’s hardly got time to go to our nearby market. 630 more words


Sleep, glorious sleep

We have lucked out in the sleep department. Except for expected blips (newborn period, illness, teething, etc), Lil C has been a rock star sleeper. 212 more words


One Year Old!! (the rest of month 11 and a lot of 12)

Wow. I have been wanting to write this post since your first birthday. There is so much to cover!!

First: You turned 1!! It was bittersweet for me. 2,209 more words