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You're Finally Sleeping Through The Night. And I Miss You.

I have waited for three years and eight months for this day to come. There have been nights where I was reduced to a quivering tearful wreck, nights where I didn’t think I would make it to morning, that sheer exhaustion would kill me first. 890 more words

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Motherhood Week 12- Sleep? I'll pass....for now.

The other day I posted how Elliot slept through the night and was hoping it would be a regular occurrence. So far it was just a onetime thing and for now that is just fine with me. 206 more words

Motherhood Week 12- Sleeping Through the Night

Last night Elliot slept a full night for the first time. I can’t believe I have survived 80 days in a row with out a full night’s sleep! 328 more words

Sleeping through the night - how I got my sanity back

Wilfred, whilst a generally happy and contented baby , has always woken during the night. Initially, I was breastfeeding, so he was waking hungry. Later, when he was in his own cot, he would wake for a bottle or to be held. 613 more words

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Are you happy?

I started this post just over 2 weeks ago, on our last day in Lebanon before travelling to Europe for a month. Its title comes from a taxi trip we took across town that morning for a farewell coffee with friends. 249 more words


How to get your baby to sleep through the night in 8 (sort of) easy lessons

I have a lot of disclaimers, so here let’s get those out of the way, shall we?


1. I have two kids and am by no means an expert on sleeping. 1,471 more words


Why breastfeeding affects baby's sleep.

YES! Breastfeeding can have a huge impact on your baby’s sleep. I have seen it over and over again. Moms are frustrated that other babies are sleeping all night and theirs isn’t, the first thing I usually ask is “are you breastfeeding?”. 494 more words