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Its not insomnia, but it's something

Since George was conceived I haven’t really slept. I go to bed at night exhausted, but instead of counting sheep or slipping quietly into dreams my mind revs up like a flat-six waiting on the green. 392 more words

This Is Life

Mini magic sleeping solution

It popped up on my timeline again this week-another miracle article promising to solve the non sleeping baby conundrum. New parents are obsessed with their baby sleeping through the night. 1,115 more words


Advice I Would've Given Myself Before the Baby was Born

I’m nearly ten months into this motherhood journey. I know I still have lots to learn and I wouldn’t say I’m an expert in parenting an infant by any means (though how can you really be a parenting expert? 1,286 more words


Mama Needs Sleep

We have a little one bedroom apartment. We made a rough transition to my husband being the source of our income in early spring of 2013, so we couldn’t afford anything bigger even knowing that we were expecting a baby. 1,246 more words

My Life

Watching my baby sleep

I can’t remember the name of the sitcom I was watching a few months ago, but it opened with a preadolescent boy being irritated with his mother for watching him sleep. 748 more words


You're Finally Sleeping Through The Night. And I Miss You.

I have waited for three years and eight months for this day to come. There have been nights where I was reduced to a quivering tearful wreck, nights where I didn’t think I would make it to morning, that sheer exhaustion would kill me first. 890 more words

Attachment Parenting

Motherhood Week 12- Sleep? I'll pass....for now.

The other day I posted how Elliot slept through the night and was hoping it would be a regular occurrence. So far it was just a onetime thing and for now that is just fine with me. 206 more words