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Not So Sleepy Head

I knew it. I just knew it.

I knew if I talked about it, I’d jinx it.

But what are you supposed to do when people keep asking questions like, ‘Is he a good baby?’ ‘Does he sleep well?’ ‘Is he sleeping through the night?’ ‘How many times does he wake up?’ 235 more words


Food fussiness

Apparently I’m a ‘fussy eater’. Personally I think I’m very easy to please: just give me apple or pear. Three times a day. Every day. How simple! 450 more words


Drumroll please...I SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!

Yes!! I did it!! Third night of sleep training and I am sleeping like a baby! Just a dream feed at 11pm (well it’s supposed to be a dream feed but I woke up when mummy put me back in the cot, gave the parents a few nail-biting minutes I’m sure but after a bit of mandatory wailing I settled myself to sleep again) and then not a peep, not even a squeak, until 8am when… 61 more words


Happy New Year!

Rejoice! We have entered the futuristic sounding year of 2015! January is upon us and bringing with it new resolutions that will be instantly broken, gym memberships that won’t ever be used, half-hearted attempts at dieting and sobriety, and the charitable growing of pubic hair in the name of… 488 more words

Ferber - the gentle sleep solution

It’s my 50th post so I thought it should be about the two things I love most: (1) my baby; and (2) sleep. If you’ve heard of Ferber, you’re probably thinking there must have been some kind of mix-up. 449 more words



Everyone knows that when they have a baby sleepless nights are to be expected. What I didnt understand is that it would last 8+ months. Again, it turns out, this is more common than I thought. 443 more words

8 Month Old

Time to start sleep training!

Okay, I honestly should have done this sooner with baby E, but up until three or four months ago, it really hasn’t been necessary. She would go to bed easily and would sleep through the night by herself. 255 more words