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Slept Through The Night!

So last night Freddie only went and slept through the night! He went to bed at about 9 O’Clock and then woke up at 7!  237 more words

Almost six months.....

In 11 days time Jacob will be six months old and even though it has been hard work and difficult at times there have been many wonderful moments. 662 more words


The long and the short of it

Last night you slept for 9 hours uninterrupted, one of the longest stretches you have ever done, ironically on the shortest night of the year. 31 more words


Forget Everything You've Been Told About Parenting

That’s right, forget everything; everything your mother, your friends, even your in-laws have told you about parenting. We are in the middle of a parenting revolution thanks to the overwhelming amount of information available to caregivers these days. 1,258 more words

Mom Stuff

Who's a pretty boy then?

It amuses (and slightly annoys) me how often Tabitha gets called a boy. If she’s dressed in neutral clothing, or sometimes even if she’s wearing pink, people take one look at her short hair and automatically assume she’s a boy. 196 more words

12-18 Months

The Kindness of Strangers

This past weekend I took a quick trip to Toronto for the wedding of two of my oldest and dearest friends. It was 36 hours of no babies. 903 more words

Independent little lady

Something has happened over the last three nights that I have daren’t to speak openly about for fear of tempting fate. The little lady has slept in her own cot, in her own room through the night, not once, not twice, but three nights in a row *cue applause*. 544 more words