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It’s not miraculous but Greg slept for nearly 4 hours last night before he woke up, and I only had to get up three times (and I didn’t fall asleep in his room)! 653 more words

Ah Ha! Devotionals

Sleeping like a baby

Unlike her big sister, who could sleep for England, sleeping has never been one of C’s strong points. In fact it’s not uncommon for us (or more precisely me) to be up every hour or so through a good chunk of the night. 114 more words


How's He Sleeping?

by Joy Beatie

When Joshua was between three and five months old, I was walking out of Panera with my Frozen Mocha in one hand, and lugging Joshua in his carrier in the other. 353 more words

Love in the Middle of the Night

I have to fight with my eyes to wake. They’re reluctant to open, sealed shut with sleep and tethered to dreams of splendor. I will them open anyway and stumble towards the coughing in the other room. 581 more words


Give Me FIVE!

Okay, so technically Finn didn’t actually “high five” until 6 months, but I couldn’t resist the title…What the title should be is, “Month Five, a dedication to Dad”…but it doesn’t have the same ring to it. 372 more words

Mr. Finnegan

How to gently night wean a breastfed baby or toddler

Breastfeeding is an amazing tool to help settle children at night. As a mother of four I have found that by far the easiest way to get my children to sleep at night was by breastfeeding them (well into the toddler years). 1,731 more words


How (And Why) I Night Weaned My Three Year Old With No Tears

We have had some huge changes to our breastfeeding relationship in the last 12 months. This time last year Little Cat was coming up for three years old, and was breastfeeding every twenty to thirty minutes through the day, and around 6-8 times during the night. 1,451 more words