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Rainy Day

Today, during this rainy day, we’ve been playing in the play room, building forts, listening to music, playing in the rain a bit, and just snackin around! 47 more words


Night one

Yesterday I had spent the day moving. Basically moved everything large including beds. Which I learned mechanical beds are a B**** to move. PJ and I rocked out a lot of stuff he’s pretty awesome! 131 more words


Tired Toddler Thursdays (7/24 - 7/30)

It’s Tired Toddler Thursday, ya’ll! (Yeah, that’s gonna be a thing now.)

I missed some nights but overall took a decent amount of photos this week. 91 more words

Weekly Challenge

6 Ways to Beat Sleepy Afternoons

By Nicole Tinkham

Lunch is probably your favorite part of the work day (it is for us, anyway) but when returning to work you enter the long and dreaded afternoon hours that go on and on forever with no end in sight (so it seems). 525 more words

The Typewriter in the Sky

Do you hear…typing?

Sweetheart, that’s called rain. 

Rain? No, it doesn’t rain here, silly. Your neighbors must be writing a novel…or a letter to the president! 50 more words


Math ; you suck.

Math is tomorrow. I know no shit for math. I’m done for. Only “studied” history lol. Sucks to be me I guess. Gonna turn in now. 88 more words

Daily Diary


Good Morning everyone! I hope you all slept better than me. I was up half the night and most of it was due to mania. It’s just not completely squashed like I had hoped. 435 more words

Bipolar Disorder