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Sleepy Wednesday

Are Wednesday’s hard for anyone else?? I tend to hit it hard in the beginning of the week. By Wednesday morning I have done 14 miles on the stairmaster, done 150 bosu ball squats, 100 ab exercises, 4 minutes worth of planks and an hour of weight training. 178 more words

Lazy Days by Bellarose Photography

“If I were a bird or bee in a tree

lazy as can be.

I’d sleep the day away,

as the leaves gently sway.”

Poem by Josh C.


Just Not Ready

Today I decided to call it off with my girlfriend. We had really only been seeing each other. I realised I just wasn’t ready for another relationship just yet plus when I was at her house last night I felt I got ambushed by her niece (shes a few years older than me). 195 more words

Creative Ways to Stay Awake at Work

Do you ever have those work days where you have consumed an ocean of coffee, yet you still feel as if you could face plant at your desk at any moment?  131 more words


Sleeping problems? - The facts about Insomnia..

What is insomnia

The term insomnia refers to an inability to fall asleep or to remain asleep for an adequate length of time. It may be acute – in reaction to a life event such as bereavement – or a more long-standing problem. 482 more words


Sleepy Poetry

Somehow I always find you

Whether I am awake or asleep

You have burned your image in me

An ever growing want, burning need

To feel your skin, to taste your lips… 25 more words

Remedy for laziness or boring life.

Do you feel lazy in your daily life? Are you willing to do things in life, but can’t?
Then you are feeling with the problem of laziness, but with lack of discipline in your life. 139 more words