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The Pinch: Michelle Garren Flye

Today I was interviewed by fellow author A.J. Brown. Check it out here: The Pinch: Michelle Garren Flye.


"The Chinese Swindlers" - A routine with the Dynamic Coins gimmick.

The dynamic coins routine

Hold onto your butts guys, this article contains a learnable dynamic coins routine (don’t scoff yet, its actually quite good)

The dynamic coins. 1,559 more words

Card Magic

The Dynamo Effect

The dynamo effect


My name ith thteven Frayne, but motht people, call me dynamo.

That’s nice.

Let me start this off by saying this isn’t an attack on Steven Frayne, I think what he does is highly entertaining, and makes for some nice television, and I’m sure it makes the channels a lot of money and gets them good ratings. 605 more words

Card Magic

The Classic Pass vs other controls

             Much has been written, published, re-written and re-published over the years about the classic pass, as well as being imitated and reproduced, in versions such as the Hermann pass, the Zingone perfect table pass, the flesh grip pass, the jog pass, the Charlier pass and the midnight shift. 510 more words

Card Magic

Sleight of Hand Continues: A brief intro to Rachel and Logan from Island Magic!

In just thirteen days, the magic starts again! Island Magic, the third novel in my Sleight of Hand series, releases on October 31. I’m a little excited about this, and not just because the covers (designed by… 1,382 more words


Word of the Day: LEGERDEMAIN


a sleight of hand; an artful deception or trick

(October 9, 2014)


Rise, Lazarus, Rise

The last two months have been an insane juggle between maintaining my sanity and stealing Charlotte’s. I’ve felt strapped into the rollercoaster since DragonCon ended between The Day Job, reading for reviews, freelance work, my own work, performing and hawking for Art in the Square in Gainesville, hitting up a slamming book launch party for my darling friend Fox, and… 552 more words