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Holidays brimming with wine..........

November in Florida is special.  The weather turns almost fall-like and it is finally cool enough across the country to safely ship wine to the gulf coast.   312 more words

At Home

Simple Card Magic Trick

So I’ve been asked many times by different people on what my hobbies are besides swimming, and to be honest, it’s not much actually.

A few years back… I actually aspired to be… 263 more words


National Novel Writing Month Retrospective: A Good Month's Work

On Sunday I achieved my goal. I slayed the NaNoWriMo beast: I wrote 50,000 words of my next Sleight of Hand novel in 30 days. 449 more words

Mondays with Marple: They Do It With Mirrors...

Welcome to the final Mondays with Marple post for 2014.  I’ve enjoyed Marpling along with you all this year and it’s been fun to explore the world of Jane Marple to such an extent.  574 more words

Bruce's Book Reviews

The Devil's Staircase--An Important New Card Magic Book

Usually when I talk about magic in this blog, I try to make it accessible to even the readers who are not involved with magic. But you’ll excuse me if I go magic geek on you today. 1,138 more words


The Pinch: Michelle Garren Flye

Today I was interviewed by fellow author A.J. Brown. Check it out here: The Pinch: Michelle Garren Flye.


"The Chinese Swindlers" - A routine with the Dynamic Coins gimmick.

The dynamic coins routine

Hold onto your butts guys, this article contains a learnable dynamic coins routine (don’t scoff yet, its actually quite good)

The dynamic coins. 1,559 more words

Card Magic