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The Symbolism of Playing Cards

If you read our first post, you’ll know that my passion is magic, mostly with playing cards. Rather than writing about playing card magic itself, however, I thought I’d share some thoughts and speculations with you about the… 357 more words


Sleight of Hand

My first work of non-fiction Sleight of Hand: Chaos, Authorship & Humanity is due to be published this coming Friday, July 25th. It is a work of literary criticism about Steven Erikson’s… 141 more words


My Visit To The Magic Castle.

For years we have dreamed of going on holiday to America. “The dollar is too expensive”; “You possibly can’t afford to do this.” Well let me just put it out there for all: We did it, on our own, no help, our own initiative, and we saved every penny we took with us. 843 more words


LXV Wine - The Magic Begins (May 22 Post Written for LXV Blog)

The below is a post I wrote for LXV Wine at blog.lxvwine.com about an event they were having.



May 22, 2014

Secret Craving: A Secret So Lavish, We Can’t Keep It… 506 more words

Rolf Dobelli Quote.

“When we encounter contrasts, we react like birds to a gunshot. We jump up and get moving. Our weak spot: We don’t notice small, gradual changes. 90 more words


sleight of hand . . .

This winter and spring have been filled with recuperation, recovery and other taxes on the mind and spirit here, not only for me but for my husband, G. 991 more words

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