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Mimicry: a poem

If I could write a poem,

How would it bleed?

Yellow or blue or deepest red?

I wouldn’t hold back.

I’d lay it all bare. 134 more words


WATCH: Dogs Reacting To Magic!

I can’t get enough of watching these dogs try to figure how Finnish magician and mentalist Jose Ahonen made their treats disappear right before their very eyes. 125 more words


2014 New York International Children's Film Festival Names Winners

The annual New York Children’s International Film Festival (NYCIFF) took place March 7-30, 2014. The festival screens family friendly fare at multiple venues around New York City, specifically films and shorts made for children ages 3-18. 164 more words




Definition: (noun) Adroitness in using the hands. Synonyms: dexterity Usage: Only through his unequaled sleight can the juggler manage to keep eight chainsaws… 22 more words

The Energy of The Magician

 The Energy of The Magician

Okay, I haven’t been here in a very long time. Those of us who blog, sometimes need to take an occasional hiatus to refresh and refuel. 861 more words


"Is that a shell?"

As an amateur magician I constantly am hard on myself. I feel like my skills aren’t up to par with other REAL magicians. I feel like my desire to present a trick to myself in the corner means that I won’t ever be up to the task of performing. 411 more words