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Is gaming the new king of horror?

Written by Tommy Parker

Horror permeates most media outlets, I can take examples from the great literary classics like Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” (albeit scarier in its time, and with less muppets) and blockbuster hits like Paranormal Activity, but none are as scary, or as great, as the horror genre in video games. 1,204 more words


Slender Man: Legend of the Internet

Urban legends and folk tales have existed for centuries, but with the rise of the Internet there has been a growth in new urban legends. One, whose popularity has grown immensely because of the Internet, has been the mysterious Slender Man. 926 more words


Dirge of Slender

Time for a series of Slender haiku. Followed by a poem about the one thing even Slender Man can’t compete with…. 81 more words


The Kick

Why are Slender Man, Pirate, SCP-173, Rabbit, and Knight playing soccer? We may never know. But more importantly, Rabbit had better move or else this could get ugly! 9 more words


'The Gaming Goddess' Podcast - Season 6, Ep. 9: "Slender Man Finally Got Me!"

This podcast is slightly different from most all the others so far in that it was recorded “out of the studio.” I actually recorded this with my cell phone’s built-in audio recording tool, and all things considered I think the quality turned out rather nicely. 310 more words


Finally, Allahweh Plays "Slender: The Arrival!"

There are many games that come to mind when you think about horror games to play, including Amnesia: The Dark DescentDead Space159 more words



Below, I present to you all the Duck’s contribution to our collection of delightfully spooky poems in anticipation of Halloween. This is a Slender Man poem I published not too long ago on fanfiction.net and which I think would be quite fitting for this month’s festivities.  270 more words