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RESET: After Story (Chapter III)

Tittle               :           Reset (After Story)

Main Cast       :           Kim Jong In

                                    Ahn So Ra

** please welcome Do Kyung Soo and Park Bo Mi as the new casts** 4,819 more words

Fan Fiction

Are you feeling Lucky? Review of [101217]Axanael

Foreword: Here’s a question: what do you do when a friend who knows a lot about Galge tells you that a certain game is a kamige? 2,066 more words


Too much sharing?!

If someone ever tell you that they have such a “care free life”, don’t ever believe them. Everyone has got something to talk about, to complain about, to annoy his best friend about that beautiful chicken sandwich with mayonnaise, fresh tomato and lettuce and a double layers of melted cheese that fell on the dusty ground before he could even take a bite of it. 393 more words

Breaching Your Surface


Soundtrack, “Sideways” by Sheryl Crow

So often we forget to live.  Instead we carry on as if life were a drudgery, as if love were mundane, as if our time were infinite. 283 more words

Slice Of Life

Meaningful Nothings

Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with words as much as images, and the idea of somehow combining the two had always been close to my heart. 75 more words


A Year Later...

It’s amazing what could happen in one year..

  1. Quit my Job at a printing company (August 2013)
  2. Started a new job interning at a Marketing company (August 2013)
  3. 190 more words
Digital Marketing


I am afraid, of getting near you.
No more of you, enough of you.

You are in this dark hole, that if I were to get in to, you would hold me hostage. 67 more words