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Annarasumanara kritika

Végre valahára ráakadtam egy fantasztikus manhwára, ami engem teljességgel elbűvölt (!), szóval nem is szeretném tovább húzni az időt, nézzük mit is rejt az Annarasumanara.


PoweredByTea's "The Wrong Fork"

Today’s story is a tiney glimpse into Equestrian high society.

The Wrong Fork
• 1,138 words

During a lull in the conversation at an upper class charity dinner, Rarity takes a moment to contemplate some commonly held assumptions made of Princess Celestia. 2,844 more words


Indie Log: Tiny Furniture

Lena Dunham launched her career with Tiny Furniture (2010), which put her in the position to land the successful HBO series Girls.  It is a fairly typical indie slice-of-young-life movie with nicely complicated characters, and it works.   150 more words


The Rain Effect

What makes you happy? A good sleep, good food, lavish life, great job…money??? there can be unlimited answers to this. if someone asked me this question 5 months ago, my answer would be simple : Rains. 524 more words


The wild blue yonder

I love to fly, writing this on a plane. About ten years ago I won a flying lesson in a paper airplane flying contest. My plane went about 76 feet I think was, at least 30 feet past anybody else’s. 508 more words



Al’s Project

Cast(s): Jeon Jungkook (BTS) and You! || Genre(s): Slice of Life, Friendship, School Life || Length: Ficlet

Extended version of Bangtan Dummies – Jongkook… 853 more words


My BabyKyu 2 (part 2)

Author: ChokoHime

Title: My BabyKyu 2 (Part 2)

Rate: T

Genre: Drama/Hurt/Comfort

Main Cast: Siwon, Kyuhyun, other

Warning: Brothership, Mental Retardation

Desclaimer: i just own the story, so… 1,135 more words