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Small Requirements

I actually woke up early today, around six-thirty, but I obviously didn’t rouse myself from bed then and there.  When I eventually did, it was already eight-thirty or so, but that was a whole lot reasonable, at least as far as I could see. 174 more words

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Hopping And Skipping, Thought Not Because I Want To

I woke up early again, but this time around I put some of that to good use.  I changed the covers to my bed and pillows, scrubbed and sweeped the floor to my room.   262 more words

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You Should Know This By Now

Yet another lazy day spent doing nothing.  This time around I helped with the chores — cleaned my room, as well as cooked the lunch that we actually ate — though aside from that, I still spent most of the day either in front of my PC, or in my sister’s room watching TV.   141 more words

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Those Come In Streaks

Welp, there goes all that preparation for farming E-4 in Kantai Collection, as most of my sorties today have been a disaster.  RNG really in for me today, so I figured it best to call it early and avoid even more headaches, ugh. 65 more words

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Just Wallowing In It

Today was somewhat fruitful, if you count the resource-gathering aspect of Kantai Collection. Managed to get my ammo to around 20k again, and when you add in the natural resource regeneration I have again, I should have enough of a war chest to farm E-4 again for the ships that I want.   133 more words

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This might not work.

I’m just saying, that’s what it feels like right now.

I’m gifted, somewhat- I know things, things that you don’t tell me. And for some reason, what I know isn’t something I like. 325 more words

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Prognosis: Resources Recovering

Today I woke up relatively late.  It was already close to lunch actually, and by this point apparently both my sister and the baby had already been picked up by my brother-in law. 211 more words

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