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The Apple of my Eye

To Kaleb,

You’re turning five. It’s hard to believe it has been this long since you came into the world and changed all our lives for the better. 782 more words

Specs for Slices of Life

I was just asked regarding the specs for stories for Slices of Life. I thought some of you might also be interested in my answer to that excellent question: 97 more words


Slices of Life Update

Heart Whispers and Palpable Imaginings have been released and are available on Amazon. Slices of Life still needs more content. It has a lot of stories (a lot more than Palpable) but the stories are much shorter. 170 more words


Music Monday Returns... Again!!!!!!

So, this week I thought I’d post something a bit more… sensible, but wholly awesome!  This piece of music is brilliant for those scenes in your book for when you want your blood pumping and your characters charging across the fields towards their enemies, or are under fire from around them, bouncing across the mud in a transport!

Nineteen Galaxies

Second Week!!!!!

So, I’m still going strong (ish), though if it carries on like this, my wife Julz is going to overtake me with her brilliant supernatural book!   126 more words

Nineteen Galaxies

The Man Who Hated Cupcakes

Author’s note:  When you see:  ________  in the story below, I have edited out a vulgarity.  Please feel free to imagine the vulgarity of your choice in order to get the full effect of this tale. 1,056 more words

Slices Of Life