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Who's That? Masters of the Airwaves

This week I’m reviewing one-off records I have in my collection. About half of my vinyl consists of bands that I followed throughout their career. When I’d see a new release by a fave artist I’d be quick to buy it. 356 more words

Album Reviews

Day 73 - Luke Winslow-King

I’ve been concentrating a little too much on rock, indie and synth pop in recent posts – and while that’s all well and good, I kind of feel like I need to expand horizons a little. 322 more words

"Dust My Broom", Elmore James

I discovered my love for the blues when I was in junior high school.  I knew that rock and roll’s roots were partially in the blues, but I didn’t have any way to listen to the blues until I found… 186 more words


Fleetwood Mac - "Mystery to Me" (1)

In footballing circles here in the UK a match is often spoken of as “a game of two halves”.  Well, this is an album of two halves, which equate almost exactly to what seem to have been Sides 1 and 2 of the LP. 181 more words

Standing Still

Out of all the songs I was and am gonna record this, one was likely to be left behind. Glad I didn’t, though.

Described as ”eerie” ”weird” and ”odd” by some people, which is fine by me.