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Macro L3 – Problem set 6 updated

I have updated problem set 6 that was containing two typos and I made explicit the calibration of the length of the period.


Slides da Aula 05


Para adiantar as nossas tarefas, segue abaixo os slides sobre Iluminação que será o assunto da próxima aula:

5 – Iluminacao

E no link abaixo segue o asset que usaremos na aula:



Viola-Jones Face Detection: Explanation Slides

Sometimes it just needs the one and only set of explanatory slides to get an idea about how things work. For me that’s the case with the following slides about the Viola-Jones face detector… Any problems with underständing German? 21 more words

Slides from operatingsystems.io

Today I spoke at operatingsystems.io – an extremely interesting event as it turned out.  Lots of great speakers, on top form, including no less than three on userland networking.   12 more words

More Speaking Resources!

In my ongoing quest to find and share resources to make myself and others better speakers, I sometimes find things that are useful, helpful, or just interesting. 105 more words


Slides Uploaded

The slides  for Chapter 6 have been uploaded.

This is a biography of Oliver Heaviside, a sad misunderstood genius.

Automatic Measuring Instruments And Devices

IT 1 Slides.

Kinda used the online editor, soooo yeah.


(Click on download and then run on your PC. Must have internet access for full effect.)