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[Creepy] Clumsy

Main Cast : Choi Youngjae and OC | Genre : Daily-Life, Supranatural!AU, Horror!Slight | Duration : Vignette | Rating : G

Pandangannya selalu ke bawah. Tidak tahu ada apa di jarak pandangnya itu. 378 more words


[Creepy] Goosebumps

Main Cast : Park Jin Young and OC | Genre : School-Life, Supranatural!AU | Duration : Vignette |Rating : G

Aku punya satu teman yang selalu malas menghadiri kelas, Park Jin Young namanya. 468 more words


[Creepy-Riddle] Red Gown

Prompter-Fic with Creepy Sauce and Riddle Insidedhiloo98

Main Cast :  Kim Himchan, and OC Genre : Canon, Horror!AU, Tragedy, Mistery, Crime!Slight | Adapted from  1,366 more words


[Prompter-Fic] Finding It

Finding Itㅡdhiloo98 presented

2nd Prompter-Fic

Starring Mark Tuan, Celena Ahn | Genre : Daily-Life, Slight!Comedy, AU!School Life

Rating : Teen | Duration : Ficlet… 250 more words


Privilege: A Thing Not To Be Grasped

“Privilege is when you think something is not a problem 

because it’s not a problem to you personally.”  -  David Gaider

It was probably the assignment that got him fired: a week of segregation in a Sociology 101 class, in the South.  690 more words