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The ultimate fresh start

I’ve been blogging about losing weight with Slimming World for a couple of years now. I’ve been to group, joined online, been back to group… There are pros and cons for both and for now I’ve settled with being an online member. 354 more words

Fresh Start

Lost mojo, if found please return to me!

So yes, my mojo has gone walkabout.

After a good few weeks of feeling like shit having not been on plan, I’m deciding tomorrow is the day to change it all. 177 more words

Slimming World


Another few months have passed by and I have re-tried all the plans again with little or no success. None of them have had a very good chance as within days there are things I am unable to stick with and I give up and am left feeling deflated and upset with myself. 476 more words

The things I didn't admit...

I have had a tendency at various points to seek a scapegoat for all of my problems.  Whilst I am self-aware and more than capable as a woman and human being, sometimes, I am just plain human. 680 more words


How have I got here?

Hi, I’m Rebecca.  I’ve just started my weight loss journey but wanted to start at the beginning and go from there!

My story seems to be somewhat unusual in that I never see anyone else saying the things I am about to tell you here.   354 more words