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Throwback Thursday! 

Trying to find song titles for each post, is a bloody pain in the arse! So I have given up… But I have coined a popular phrase for tonight’s post – THROWBACK THURSDAY!


Holiday Mood + All Inclusive + Emotions = Weight Gain (Tears+Anger)

Hello There!

So, let me take you back to 1st July. (WARNING LONG POST ALERT)

July 1st - My Beautiful Momma’s Birthday. I don’t know why, but apparently when it’s your birthday you can eat whatever you want? 932 more words

Imogen Thomas loses a stone on a health kick and by taking Nature's Way African Mango, says: 'I could never be a size 8'

Feature in OK! magazine and http://www.ok.co.uk by Sarah Robertson

The yummy mummy says she is finally happy with her weight

The former glamour model put on three stone when pregnant with her daughter Ariana, 17 months. 238 more words


My humps....

I realise the title of this post may not quite follow the days of the week theme, but everyone knows it is hump day.. and what a hump it has been!


Just an off-topic Advertisement

My wife just joined in a group which endorses beauty and skin care products here in the Philippines. The product brand is still new but its products are promising. 93 more words


Ruby Tuesday

This week’s theme for blog posts titles are song titles that have the days of the week in them.. Tonight’s post is quite relevant as today was my first step in to the ‘original’ sw plan, otherwise known as a “red” day…


Is there more to Garcinia Cambogia

It is a general misconception that any weight loss supplement can do all the work and provide huge weight loss results by itself. Many people look at a new weight loss supplement and think of it as the miracle they have long been waiting for that will get them the fit and slim body they desire.

276 more words