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Jum dengar apa kata pelanggan kami. 177 more words


How to Get a Fat Burning Mindset

This is our first offer on our new website! If you’ve been meaning to lose weight and are serious to hit your ideal body weight and shape soon, you have to assume a powerful mindset for it–one that commands your body to burn fat, as it were. 253 more words

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Dressing Slimmer

The next best thing to working out and eating right is finding figure flattering clothes that make you appear slimmer without any effort. I have found some foolproof styles that work every time for any body type and occasion. 205 more words

It's not been good but I'm back..

Since weigh in I did the same thing I always bloody do and crash, I gave the usual self unmotivated spiel about how I’ve done so well so therefore I don’t need to bother anymore. 264 more words

Slimming World Dinner

Saturday nights are always about food in my household,  food and a movie, plus wine. Now its just food and a movie. Above is the start of my meal… can you guess what I made?? 52 more words

Alfalfa Complex

Assalamualaikum semua !!

Akhirnya, sampai jugak time untuk share cerita pasal ALFALFA COMPLEX SHAKLEE. ALFALFA juga dikenali sebagai ‘Raja Segala Tumbuhan’ kerana tumbuhan ini mengambil masa sekurang-kurangnya 2 tahun untuk membesar dan akarnya boleh mencapai sehingga 20 kaki ke dalam tanah untuk menyerap pelbagai nutrisi. 189 more words


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Drop by and meet Angela at Solutions for Cellulite in Irvine!  


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