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My Slimming World/No Wine adventure

I have decided that Wine is the devil and so are Takeaways and crappy food.

I need to shift this weight and get looking like Angelina Jolie on a paupers budget. 161 more words


Finding motivation in the small things

Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s only been 3 weeks. Habits are still being broken and fresh ones made. And I need to stop beating myself up over not being perfect. 537 more words

Slimming World

Fennel is both a food and a medicine.

Fennel tea is recommended for hot flushes. It has been used by the Greeks, the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and the American Puritans. It was a diet aid for Roman women, whilst the Puritans found that it staved off hunger during their long church services. 57 more words


Killing My Chubber #6 (Day 22) | I Am Walking Restraint

Day 20: I said to my girlfriend, filling with pride, that it had been twenty days and that I hadn’t broken a single rule. Even when I was alone, I hadn’t let the chubber slip sugar into my tea. 512 more words