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It’s funny isn’t it? You’d think that by the grand old age of 42 I would be less influenced by outside ‘stuff’ and able to hold onto the bigger picture? 334 more words


Consultations packages - what is available?

What is a sling consultation?

Babywearing is an art which has been traditionally passed down from generation to generation, and friend to friend. However, in the UK the skills are less well known. 1,060 more words


Please stop with the froggy legs

Please can we stop using the term “froggy legs”

This is going to be controversial but please, can we stop using the term “froggy legs”. That’s right, stop using the term which so many people use when discussing carrying babies in slings. 487 more words


Ten things I wish I’d known before having a baby

In the run up to my daughter’s first birthday, I thought I’d get blogging again. In a departure from previous topics, the next few posts I intend to write will sum up my reflections on motherhood so far. 1,322 more words

Baby-led Weaning

For the Love of Linen


Many aspects of slings are a matter of personal taste, especially when it comes to the different fibres used to weave a wrap. Some blends are definitely marmite, and perhaps linen more so than most. 1,101 more words


Blogs, public hysteria and why they don't help babywearing educators

Firstly, I get the irony. I am about to say I don’t really like blogs and how they can cause hysteria when it comes to slings. 475 more words


Im selling a wrap...if anyones intrested :)

Helloooo world!!! I’ve been offered a wrap which I love so one of my stash has to go. I’m selling my size 7 oscha shui long coll. 75 more words