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Do you really need more than one carrier?

This graphic was doing the rounds of Facebook the other day, and it got me thinking. Do we really need to justify why we have more than one carrier (or wrap or sling)? 970 more words

I shine, not burn

It’s always a gamble, buying a wrap before it’s even been woven. Generally I like to have a good look and feel of the material before committing to a purchase I may not love. 673 more words


I am a Carried Baby

Why do we carry our babies? We carry them because it is a biological, instinctive parental response, that blesses the children we carry, and that blesses us. 173 more words

Sheffield Sling Surgery

Paracord Projects

I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been doing with paracord (my new favorite crafting material) lately.


A paracord sling

A herringbone bracelet… 119 more words


A Letter to Every Sling I've Ever Loved (IBW 2014)

Ours isn’t a lasting love. The nature of our relationship is such that it’s destined to end some day – my son won’t want to be carried forever and any other children I have will grow up too. 820 more words


Happy International Babywearing Week!

Last year, we marked International Babywearing Week by visiting the nearby village of Sling with our son in a sling. A year on, we’re still carrying our now 18 month old son in a variety of different sorts of slings and we now live several miles closer to the village of Sling after a recent house move. 692 more words

Overhead Patient Lift Ideal In Home Health Care

 For years, caregivers have been frustrated with floor-based patient lifts. The cumbersome and unwieldly device has undergone little change in design since it was first manufactured in the 1950s. 467 more words