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Camping with a toddler

Last weekend, we went camping with our fifteen month old son. It was our third camping trip, but this time it was a bit different. We were one of about fifty families who were at the 2014 Sling Dads Family Camp at Sherratts Wood in Staffordshire. 877 more words

Sneak Peak Of Regulations That Ensures Safety While Handling Equipos Para Izar

Equipment used for lifting includes various devices to lift load of various weights and this includes attachments to support, fix and anchor the same. There are different regulations regarding the use of the… 232 more words

Poorly Babies (or, 'When even the sling won't do')

I may have been very disparaging about the sling to begin with, but over the past few weeks, I’ve gone through begrudging acceptance, and into holding it up as the pinnacle of modern parenting methods. 664 more words

Like father, like son

I was recently looking through some pictures of myself as a baby and was struck by some of the similar things that I did as a baby and that our son has done in his first fifteen months. 363 more words

we are just so outdoorsy you guys

is it just me, or have we been spending way more time outside this year?

it is blazing hot and exceptionally sticky with all this monsoon-haboob nonsense and yet, here we are, outside. 267 more words


Baby Wearing

I instantly knew that I wanted to be able to carry my baby as much as possible, as I felt her being close to me was important for our bonding, ensured we were able to do skin to skin a lot in the first 4 months and also, it was practical. 688 more words

The West Yorkshire Sling Library

I love carrying my babies but until this morning I really didn’t have much knowledge about any of the different slings, wraps and carriers available. 463 more words

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