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Slow Motion

Description of project: I captured the appearance of slow motion at three different frame rates.

Project goals: The goal was to film in a way that I would be able to tell the clips apart when they are in slow motion. 76 more words

Production And Post

A stroll down toy memory lane...

A few weeks ago, my family took a 2 hour car trip to our nearest capital city. Four kids, aged between 4 and 10 cooped up in a car for 2 hours. 541 more words


How does a slinky fall?

Watch Veritasium.com‘s Derek Muller explore whether, when you drop a dangling slinky, the top falls first, the bottom falls first, both fall together or the top falls and the bottom rises. 19 more words


Graphic Content #004

Tell me what to draw, bitches. Send your requests to @shamashbot or to jackjamesash@gmail.com

Graphic Content

Equilibria and Instabilities of a Slinky

Douglas P. Holmes, Andy D. Borum, Billy F. Moore III, Raymond H. Plaut, David A. Dillard

The Slinky is a well-known example of a highly flexible helical spring, exhibiting large, geometrically nonlinear deformations from minimal applied forces. 132 more words