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Challenge 1: Mic this slinky

My job today was fairly regular for a concert: a piano microphone, a choir microphone, and a talk-mic. And then they told me they needed to amplify a slinky. 155 more words

Perpetual slinky (gif)

“This brings me too much joy… The only thing I could think of is this….”


Cheap and cheerful gifts for kids part one

I’ll come right out and say it. I spoil my nephew. I sneak him treats and buy him presents whenever I can. I can’t help it, he’s so darn adorable. 486 more words


Slinkies, Spotify, and Steven

Well, I should be doing homework right now. Instead, I am listening to Spotify and playing with a green slinky that I got for free a few weeks ago. 414 more words


6/30/2014 - The Final Blows

 Episode Title: The Final Blows

 Episode Date : 6-30-2014

This week was Lights Camera Cleveland’s final show on WOOP-FM. We very much enjoyed our time there, but unlike a Terrance Malick film, we recognize that you should stop before you’ve gone on too long. 33 more words


March/April Update

Hey all, after some difficulties getting our previous shows, we now have access to most of them. Unfortunately, that means doing a few bulk updates to get caught up. 44 more words


Maria Denmark Day to Night Drape Top in Slinky

You guys know by now my love for Maria Denmark patterns! This is my third version of the Maria Denmark Day to Night Drape Top. 57 more words