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The real story behind Stinky Pete and Lotso

As much as I was overjoyed to see Toy Story 3 in cinemas when it was released in 2010, I was disappointed. Not with Andy giving away the toys, not with the film’s story being too similar to Toy Story 2, but my own personal disappointment that my villain theory was incorrect. 1,103 more words


16 April 2014 -- bonus #haiku

metal springs
walking down stairs
attack of the Slinkies


A stroll down toy memory lane...

A few weeks ago, my family took a 2 hour car trip to our nearest capital city. Four kids, aged between 4 and 10 cooped up in a car for 2 hours. 541 more words


How does a slinky fall?

Watch Veritasium.com‘s Derek Muller explore whether, when you drop a dangling slinky, the top falls first, the bottom falls first, both fall together or the top falls and the bottom rises. 19 more words


Graphic Content #004

Tell me what to draw, bitches. Send your requests to @shamashbot or to jackjamesash@gmail.com


Equilibria and Instabilities of a Slinky

Douglas P. Holmes, Andy D. Borum, Billy F. Moore III, Raymond H. Plaut, David A. Dillard

The Slinky is a well-known example of a highly flexible helical spring, exhibiting large, geometrically nonlinear deformations from minimal applied forces. 132 more words