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14. I'm Listening--for Now

My lymph nodes have entered an overly enthusiastic growth spurt just in the last two and a half weeks, beginning about a week and a half before my last appointment with my oncologist.  1,409 more words


Östersundomin kaavaehdotus uhkaa linnustoa

Suomen luonnonsuojeluliiton Uudenmaan piiri ja Helsingin luonnonsuojeluyhdistys tiedottavat 22.10.2014

Östersundomin osayleiskaavan Natura-arviointi ajaa kaavan uuteen valmisteluun

Luontojärjestöt pitävät hyvänä sitä, että Östersundomin osayleiskaavaehdotus ja sen Natura 2000 -arviointi tuodaan julkiseen keskusteluun. 250 more words

13. You're the Expert: So Listen to Me Carefully

My primary test for whether a person is an asshat or a decent human being is whether that person listens as well as speaks.  Some people do nothing but speak; these are the asshats.  1,676 more words


12. Make a Wish

I’m not yet at the stage where if I were nine, people would be offering to take me to Disneyland.  Fulfilling a dying child’s wish to meet a pop star, or famous athlete, or even famous mouse seems unquestionably to be a kind thing to do for the child.  1,412 more words


11. Where Did You Last See It?

Having cancer will improve your memory if what we hear is true about the exercise of memory increasing its capacity.  These days, I’m spending quite a bit of time trying to learn and remember what the dozens of available forms of chemotherapy are designed to do and not do, what ZAP-70, 13q, and 17p deletions in the genetics of the white blood cell mean, portend, or prognose, and how different forms of chemotherapy interact with those genetics.  1,829 more words


10. Quit That Looking at Me!

The first superpower I’d wish for is the ability to cure cancer with something otherwise desirable, like a good belly laugh, substantially increasing the income of good stand up comics and comic writers and weeding out the bad ones.  1,702 more words


9. I'd Rather Not Know Anyway

There is if not a virtue at least a realism in judiciously embracing the gratifying, comforting state of ignorance when necessary.  Of course, there are many uncomfortable facts that we have a moral obligation to know.  1,447 more words