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Falcon vs. Raven in Slo-Mo

One might be the undisputed king of the sky in terms of speed, but which is the better aerial acrobat? The folks at Earth Unplugged find out using trained birds and a VampyreBATT high-speed camera.


Beagle Howling in Slow Motion Sounds Like a ‘Jurassic Park’ Dinosaur

A beagle howling in slow motion sounds like a dinosaur from Jurassic Park or some other fierce beast in this video by Jonathan Nemargut.


Ping Pong Ball Explosion in Slo-Mo

The guys at Distort combine a sealed container of liquid nitrogen and 1,800 ping pong balls in a trash can. Awesomeness ensues.


Tiger and Woods: The NEW Answer to Weight Loss

The elusive Tiger & Woods have graced us with a new mixtape ladies and frogs. Download the new ‘Too(L) Late For Summer Fitness Mix’  for free and crank up those endorphins baby! 52 more words


Something Old, Something New #1: A sense of Dredd

One of my other review themes is best described as “Something Old, Something New.” With these reviews, I’ll focus on a pair of films in which one is a remake, sequel, or directly influenced by the other. 784 more words

Explosion Shockwave in Slo-Mo

The folks at Earth Unplugged capture and time an explosive shockwave at 6,200 frames per second.