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Airbag Deploying in Slow Mo

The Slow Mo Guys got a hold of a couple of car airbags. Watch them deploy at 2,500 fps.


So I made a video...

I took Stayze to the park and filmed her playing and running around for my video project. After working on the video and editing it I have a new found respect for those who create videos and edit them. 39 more words

M Slice F2L (##15-16)

It was exactly three years ago this weekend that I solved a Rubik’s Cube for the first time. Escaping the craziness that can come with too much family over Thanksgiving weekend, I spent an hour in front of YouTube, scribbled some notes, turned on my webcam, and recorded… 294 more words


Slo-Mo Snow

It snowed a little last night in Seattle, and today is cold, windy, and sunny—perfect for catching snow flurries in slow motion! (It’s much better if you view the video in 720p HD.) 34 more words


My Supermarket Walk Through in Slow-Mo

A slow walk-through at my favorite Asian Supermarket.

Mostly edited out all the clips as the idea of a sliding dolly shot in slow motion didn’t pan out as I had hoped. 66 more words