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Mexico ecstatic with being stereotyped as drug dealers rather than fat, lazy slobs

Speaking on behalf of the Mexican population, President Felipe Calderón proclaimed his country’s jubilation with being stereotyped as malicious drug dealers as opposed to fat, lazy slobs. 206 more words

The FUN House

All while growing up I heard my father telling me and my brothers to go pick up something or other from the yard before nighttime. Sometimes there would be a secondary warning, “It might rain.” I’m pretty sure I heard this every night, although I know there were times when he must have just given up and picked up baseball gloves and balls and bikes and put them in the garage, because there was a pristine lawn each and every morning. 459 more words


A foot soldier in a neighborhood war...

A quick scan of weather radar added a sense of urgency to this morning’s walk. What occurred to me as my coffee neared its brew cycle is ‘I’d better get a move on’ to beat what was churning through western North Carolina. 186 more words


This is outside the door, in the hall of gingerales building. I am constantly kicking shoes out of the way. Jeebus. Dammit. They dont even try to be orderly about it. Grr.