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Sloes 3 - Blackberries 1

As I may have mentioned more than once or twice(!), M and I have just made the big leap north of the river and are now residing in Walthamstow. 291 more words


Sloe picking to feed my gin addiction

Sloe picking has a quixotic ring to it. When I think about it, it conjures up images of smiling people stooping in the sunshine with baskets, cheerfully plucking plump, purple-hued fruit off laden bushes. 435 more words


Autumn Equinox

My ritual for the Equinox went well, but once more I was winging it. This time it was because I was ill or on holiday and there will always be some circumstances where you have to wing it. 50 more words

Quercus Robur

Rain stops play.

This morning, I had great plans to cycle (it is Car Free Brussels day today) down to the edge of my local forest and join a 3 hour guided walk to learn about the mycology of the forest.  496 more words


'Tis the season to plan to be merry - our Step-by-Step guide to making Sloe Gin

This is a fantastic year for sloes, with fruit crammed onto the branches making the harvest pretty much as easy as it gets. The sloe berry makes a clear, sprightly jelly, but when it’s made into Sloe Gin it really comes into its own. 367 more words


Gone Foraging (I - Sloes)

Its getting towards that time of year when everything begins to feel autumnal. My thoughts are already turning towards knitwear, cosy nests made out of blankets, and curling up in a windowseat with a cup of tea and a good book. 920 more words

The wares of the harvest...

Sloe Gin - Gather together as many sloes (the plum like fruit of the blackthorn bush) and prick them with a fork before putting them in a jar with some gin (supermarkets own brand will do – you don’t particularly need a premium brand for this) and as much sugar as you think is about right (just use your intuition.) Give it a bit a swill around every now and again for about 3 months (or longer if you want..) and it’ll be fine. 173 more words