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Gone Foraging (I - Sloes)

Its getting towards that time of year when everything begins to feel autumnal. My thoughts are already turning towards knitwear, cosy nests made out of blankets, and curling up in a windowseat with a cup of tea and a good book. 881 more words

The wares of the harvest...

Sloe Gin - Gather together as many sloes (the plum like fruit of the blackthorn bush) and prick them with a fork before putting them in a jar with some gin (supermarkets own brand will do – you don’t particularly need a premium brand for this) and as much sugar as you think is about right (just use your intuition.) Give it a bit a swill around every now and again for about 3 months (or longer if you want..) and it’ll be fine. 173 more words

On Walking: Thursday 11th September

God, I love September.

The dogs and I are over Bramshill, listening to the ducks telling each other off on the carp ponds. I’m sat on the stile, and I can smell great wafts of wild honeysuckle and sweet grass. 369 more words

On Dog Walking

Edible Hedgerow

The time of year is ripe to find
And edible hedgerow
With brambles, elderberry’s and
Of course the well-known sloe

The time of year when with a bit… 45 more words



Today it’s recipe time! Try to contain your excitement. Yes, it’s Autumn –  time to make one of the most traditional drinks of the season, ready for Christmas – sloe gin. 345 more words

Lorraine Coverley

Bullace Gin

I can’t help noticing that there’ve been a lot of people looking at my bullace jam recipe lately and I thought another use for these tasty wild plums might not go amiss. 382 more words

In The Garden

Spider time

It has felt like September for a couple of weeks now and the garden has taken on a distinctively ‘early Autumn’ look, with leaves turning and spiders’ gossamer glinting in sunlight, or glistening with dew or raindrops in the early morning. 29 more words