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Of Bad Weather and Bad Days

Welcome back! In the past two entries we discussed the basics of fighting and learned a bit about me and my beginnings in the SCA. Now it is time to dive into fighting! 1,335 more words

Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (266)

A mess by far-
When you try to eat a sloppy sandwich, while driving in the car.


Well what will it be?

You can’t have and enjoy every experience that happens in life. Something you can do is live in your moments that you have within your own life. 78 more words

Summer Looks That Taught us What NOT to Wear

With Labor Day upon us, summer is officially over. In my opinion, it did not last long enough, but it did last long enough to learn some important fashion lessons. 142 more words

Haiku-A-Day #213

Ignore conventions
Eat spaghetti with your hands
Have a little fun


Shitty Jobs - Day 60

Some weeks ago I experienced backchat in relation to chores. It was specifically in relation to collecting garbage and load them onto a trailer. The thoughts I allowed was “fuck, this is a shitty job”; “why must I do this”; “why should I have to deal with this dirty work”; “damn how disgusting this is.” I see myself as ‘too good’ to perform such work but at the same time takes for granted that the work should be done, just not by me. 896 more words