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ask yourself

Ask yourself

the three questions

your friends will not

when is the first time you


hearing a thought inside your head?

who loved you last? 26 more words

Jakarta Food Truck


Jakarta Food Truck offers western food and also Indonesian food to fulfill Indonesians needs. Their targets are office workers on weekdays and families on weekends, most of their customers are teenagers! 62 more words


Character Boards - 'We Are Not Alone' Term 4

‘We Are Not Alone’ is the film that I am producing and co-CMSing (With Devyn Beattie http://cmscorner.wordpress.com) is a sci-fi thriller drama.

Synopsis: Dale, a skeptic detective converses to his partner Sid about his beliefs, but is interrupted by Ava, a hotshot female detective that he has affections for. 180 more words

Character Board

sloppy ground

walk with holes in your shoes

and what it catches and how it alludes

and then it seems

and where it called

and how it thrived… 48 more words


The Rebound

His name was Charlie. Hotness factor 7.3, kissing skills 6.4, easiness 10.0.

At this point I knew Charlie for a little over a year. We met on a business trip to Disney World and were put in the same group. 328 more words

Uh-oh Spaghettio

I’m taking another break from the world of online dating to regroup and focus on all the awesome currently in my life, but don’t worry, I’ve got lots of material (I know you were panicking for a minute there). 328 more words


Robert A. Wade

Born in Melbourne, Australia, 1930, the distinguished Australian artist, Robert A. Wade, has gained International acclaim. He has exhibited with most of the major Watercolour Societies in the World and won important awards in many countries. 96 more words