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Shitty Jobs - Day 60

Some weeks ago I experienced backchat in relation to chores. It was specifically in relation to collecting garbage and load them onto a trailer. The thoughts I allowed was “fuck, this is a shitty job”; “why must I do this”; “why should I have to deal with this dirty work”; “damn how disgusting this is.” I see myself as ‘too good’ to perform such work but at the same time takes for granted that the work should be done, just not by me. 896 more words

Still Life 'Sloppy Strokes'

This was the hardest painting i’ve ever done. It was suppose to be sloppy and unlined. I freaked out. Lol I seriously had to just stop. It was frustrating.


Sloppy Burritos

The evolution of the sloppy burrito began many years ago in Texas. One of the many restaurants where I once worked served an item called “Acapulco Nachos” of which I was completely enamored.   666 more words


Toss Five and Put Away Ten

I am not a naturally neat person. I tend to hold on to stuff and make a mess wherever I go. I leave things out after I’m done using them. 520 more words

Sloppy Wet Kiss

There was a day.

A day that my Christian walk changed.

I would like to say that when I listened to this song that this day is the day that it all changed. 225 more words