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Holiday delights: Animal Planet

For those who haven’t heard, Animal Planet is free on Rogers this month (thank you, Santa).  Needless to say, this holiday has been a time of tea, yarn, and some pretty serious inactivity.   132 more words


I want a Patronus

It’s that typical job interview question: “if you were an animal, what would you be?” I do think this choice can tell you a lot about a person, but I know I’m guilty of tailoring that answer to make me sound like I’d actually be capable of doing the job. 446 more words


College and that Depression

I love it.

College has opened my eyes so much and now I’m on my winter break, counting the days until I move back in. For 5 or 6 months before college, I was pretty depressed. 552 more words



Mood: Emotionally offline

Switching off for a while. Catch up with you all in the New Year. Blessings until then xo


The Bebeh Sloth With The Unusual Name

This little knucklehead acquired a strange name during its first night at the Kids Saving the Rain Forest Wildlife Sanctuary.

Thanks to Derek M. for going above and beyond.

Sloths Make Everything Better

**This is long, angry rant with a little profanity**

So I’ve been away for a while. I can tell because WordPress looks really different now, and it’s weird. 1,141 more words