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What it Means to be on the Sloth Running Team

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I am not the best runner in the world. When I tell people about my running speed, I joke that a sloth can go faster than I can. 145 more words


EP Review: Songs To Sleep On by Drowse

Drowse is the solo moniker of Kyle Bates who also plays guitar in Sloths (a Portland OR, based loud band). Drawing from diverse influences like Mount Eerie, astrobrite, Weakling, Slint, Slowdive and Tim Hecker, Drowse writes enveloping songs that are at once comforting and dark. 201 more words


20 Baby Bucket Sloths Guaranteed To Get You Through A Rough Day

Matt Stopera/

2. No need to be suspenseful, the title gave it away, a-doy, it’s bucket sloths.

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3. To be more clear: bunches of sloths are being put in bunches of buckets. 158 more words


Nature’s Miracle Orphans filmed by the BBC at KSTR

Back story of the filming of Nature’s Miracle Orphans
by Sam Trull, KSTR Wildlife Manager & Primatologist

After learning that KSTR was chosen as the Costa Rican Rescue Center to be featured in the BBC series, “Natures Miracle Orphans”, Hannah, one of our returning volunteers, and I literally ran screaming from the wildlife center and jumped fully-clothed into the pool, pausing only to remove our phones from our pockets. 486 more words


KSTR featured on BBC One! Nature's Miracle Orphans Costa Rica

Ellie Harrison and Max Hug Williams to present Nature’s Miracle Orphans for BBC One

Presenters Ellie Harrison and Max Hug Williams follow the early lives of orphaned baby animals as they make their brave journeys back in to the wild, in a 2 x 60 minute series from the BBC’s award-winning Natural History Unit. 453 more words

Animal Rescue Center

Costa Rica Will Make Manatee National Symbol, Confusing Sloths Everywhere

The Costa Rican government recently announced the manatee will be made a national symbol and declared the national marine animal. Manatees are adorable but this is pretty confusing for a few reasons. 251 more words