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REVIEW: Sloths - "Twenty Years"

I feel a bit like a broken record sometimes. I constantly bring up home much I hate throwing bands into genres, but then spend much of every review talking about what genre a band is. 395 more words


The Wisdom of Slow

Apparently I have a thing for misunderstood creatures.

Whereas in popular culture “weasel” has become synonymous with dishonesty and is seen as almost without virtue, I actually like them. 1,942 more words


Astronaut Sloth

I want to live in a world where this is so.

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by Meg Scanlon

Meg Scanlon

We've had a row

“I’m sorry, mum.” She’s tearful. Her face is red and her face a perfect square of misery. We’ve had a row. A stupid teenage row where everything and nothing is at stake. 356 more words

Difficult Times

Reflections From The City Of Fountains: Unwarranted, Unneeded Missouri Rant

I’ve been a Missouri resident for more than two years.  It’s time to clear some items up and possibly go on a rant that jeopardizes my well-being and my ability to put horrifically predictable take-out food on my table.   258 more words


Here We Mo Again

It’s no secret that I like to fundraise for various charities when racing. It adds a little something special to crossing that finish line and gives me motivation to train just a little bit harder. 568 more words