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Don’t overlook the smaller options in life – they may have just as much, if not more, value than the bigger ones.



Bratislava: A City of Glorious Past

The capital of Slovakia and largest city with a population over half a million has been one of the most important cities of the region in past while serving as the capital of Kingdom of Hungary during Habsburg Monarchy. 489 more words

Europa - Europe On Shoestring

Go ahead, send it.

Season programs, goals, achieve, focus, start, work, pressure, perseverance, repeat, failure, learn, stand up, remind, focus, start again, work, perseverance,…. sometimes we miss valuable moments. I learnt that went I was in Slovakia for the WST**** Sony Xperia Snowboard Fest Big Air in Strbske Pleso. 84 more words


I have moved from my old site. This new site will be strictly travel, fashion, and food! My old website will be still running but that one is strictly going to be about my faith and my journey through life within my faith. 235 more words

Northern California

Ave Maria - another chance, another child, another prayer

The long arm of fate reached back into the past, deep into the Carpathian mountains, and grabbed with open fingers, catching several families that would never know that one day 250 years later a woman in North America would go to the Western Union desk at her grocery store and find them there. 1,305 more words


Frollein Europa Europawahl-Spezial

Whoa that’s all in German! Can I please read that in English?

Wer sich gestern Abend zufällig auf meinen Blog verirrt hat, wird die etwas unbeholfene Veränderung im Banner bemerkt haben, für Euch und alle anderen nun die offizielle Ankündigung des… 1,092 more words

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