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An Ukrainian rival.

I am a born analyst and I like to check what is popular on my blog.

I found that the most popular are posts with photos of beautiful Slovakian girls by Marek Palacka. 96 more words


Hard Slovakia policemen

29 July, Holic, Slovakia border. It is better to keep good relations with police if you plan to travel with an umbrella mounted on your bicycle. 141 more words

Maria Tereza Castle

Let them drink Kofola!

A refreshing train ride left us in good spirits as we set out to explore Bratislava. The Slovakian capital tends to be left out, due to its flamboyant neighbors. 148 more words


The reception of Viktor Orbán's speech in the West and in Romania

The world is in such a turmoil that although Viktor Orbán’s open admission of his goal to eliminate the “liberal” component of western-type democracy might be considered a watershed both domestically and in Hungary’s relation with the European Union, it is receiving scant attention. 1,282 more words