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To All Of You Slow Ass Drivers Out There...

I don’t know why you drive slow. Maybe you are old and rickety with bad reaction times, maybe the car you are driving is old and rickety with bad reaction times, maybe you can’t see three feet past the hood of your car, or maybe you just don’t give a damn. 1,070 more words

Slow Ass People In The Fast Lane!

It’s an age old problem, you’re on the interstate highway or a four-lane road, there’s quite a bit of traffic and you’re running late. You whip over into the passing lane and ……. 317 more words

Things That Irritate Me

Are you sure you’re ready for this?

  1. People who drive minivans.
  2. Loud cars. Come f-ing on!
  3. People who walk to slow at the mall.
  4. People who walk to slow anywhere, for that matter.
  5. 469 more words

Don't You Fucking Dare

I don’t get angry at slow drivers
or people who inexplicably don’t seems to understand
how to answer a cellphone

I don’t care about mistaken hotel bookings and delayed flights… 399 more words