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7 things I just I don't understand

In my life I try really hard to be a compassionate person. Someone who puts herself in others’ shoes before judging them. Kind, generous and the like. 437 more words



It was one of Those Days. Started out normal. We had to get up a bit early because I had a doctor appointment and even though we left plenty of time, we got out of the house a bit late. 485 more words


I'll Take a Little Southern Hospitality, Please

When I was in Texas, everyone was so darn friendly I couldn’t believe it. Was this real? Where I visited, in The Woodlands, people still have block parties and new neighbors are welcomed with hot casseroles and freshly baked cookies. 732 more words


21: Traffic Jams

Traffic Jams are the third worst* kind of jam known to man. Also known as “traffic congestion” it is in fact a conspiracy created by the environmentalist movement with the chief aim of getting us to use public transportation and bicycles. 24 more words

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