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21: Traffic Jams

Traffic Jams are the third worst* kind of jam known to man. Also known as “traffic congestion” it is in fact a conspiracy created by the environmentalist movement¬†with the chief aim of getting us to use public transportation and bicycles. 24 more words

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Are You a Honkaholic?

Courtesy: Tilson Public Relations

Do you have your beeping under control? According to a recent U.S. driving study from Safeco Insurance, 58 percent of drivers report honking behavior with 47 percent of respondents reporting they get honked at and 39 percent admitting to honking at other drivers. 310 more words


Orange Car Ruined Everything

Today, I went to visit a friend in Yakima, which is 2ish hours away from me by freeway.

I like taking the freeway, because if the sign says ’70’ you can go 79, there aren’t really any trees or rocks for cops to hide behind, and there’s some fun scenery in the distance. 913 more words