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Boy, it has been a while

I do apologize for disappearing. Life has a way of making things disappear. Like my tolerance for traffic! But today on my ways to and from work, I attempted a new strategy — chilling the fuck out. 573 more words

Driving and Parking Rants of an Anonymous Blogger 4-7-14

  • What is with people and not using their blinkers?
  • What’s with peeps turning into a parking lot and stopping just inside the driveway, leaving the people who are also turning in to have their butts sticking out in traffic?
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Everyone has pet-peeves – those things that annoy the crap out of us and before we know it we are grinding our teeth in frustration.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to know why something bothers us, but most of the time we are mystified as to why any particular thing digs into our suddenly irate subconscious and nags the crap out of us.   418 more words


The Monday Moan – Sunday Drivers

Oh the joys of driving on a Sunday. Yesterday morning, being the lovely person I am, I got up super early to drive my partner Andy to the station – not our local station, where he would have had to endure a bus journey part of the way to London, but to Royston station, fifteen or so miles away, so he could hop straight on to the train. 286 more words

Slow Drivers

Just now I’m calm. My blood pressure feels like it’s normal and my face……I think……depicts what humans usually look like. I say this because SLOW DRIVERS can turn me into a wild animal. 225 more words

Road Rage

Things That Make Me Want to Punch A Baby, Volume 1

The other day, a good friend asked me, “Do you ever write anything positive on your blog?”

I mused that over, and realized that I do, in fact, seem to have a penchant for bitter ranting and raving. 956 more words


365 of Me: 64/302

Today I went to get my haircut on my lunch break and had the pleasure of driving behind this slow poke for a few hours, who even turned into the same shopping center and decided to stop right in front of me to figure out where he was.   73 more words

366 Of Me - A Year Of Photos