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The 25th International Primatological Society's Biennial Conference.

This aim of this evenings discussion, chaired by the inspirational Dr Russell Mittermeier, was to determine the species for the next publishing of

the Top 25 Most Endangered Primates. 395 more words


Forget Shark Week, This is Dowdy's Top 10 List of Dickhead Animals

I am issuing a challenge to all you shark fanatics out there: ¬†whenever this over-hyped week ends, I would like you to list all the NEW things you learned about sharks that you didn’t learn last year or the year before or the year before…. 1,321 more words

Things You Should Know

The Journey Begins

My poor geography coupled with out-of-control over-excitement for the year ahead resulted in me detouring via Hanoi, Vietnam while en route to Java. Although not quite as randomly as it first appears as this 11-16 August, Hanoi is home to the International Primatological Society’s 25th annual conference and being the keen bean that I am, it was a must I attend. 190 more words