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Animal Magic

Upon speaking to my elderly aunt yesterday, I was struck by how much she reminds me of a little bird or perhaps a mouse. Some frantic tiny creature with a heart that beats a million times a minute and an complete inability to relax. 177 more words

Loveable Loris -The Plushy Profile.

Allow me to introduce you to Plushy- my favorite Slow Loris that resides in the “Night World” Exhibit at the Moscow Zoo.

Though he resembles more a mini bear than a baboon, Plushy can proudly lay claim to belonging to the Primate family .(species of strepsirrhine primates which make up the genus Nycticebus) 568 more words


Plushy getting the preferential treatment.

Yes, I know I could just leave the bowl in his enclosure and he can eat all by himself – but watching him go face first in his fruits just warms my heart, and in life , moments like that are rare so why pass them up ? 45 more words


Slow Loris - killing them with kindness

The slow loris is by far one of the cutest looking animals when it looks at you with its wide eyed gaze.

The reality is that these quite solitary creatures sleep during the day and are active at night. 262 more words