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Plushy-the Slow Loris that quickly became my favorite resident at the Moscow Zoo.

Cant tell if Plushy is practicing to audition for the opera or just really enjoying his lunch. I swear animals provide the best entertainment, I know no such thing as “bored at work” .


The Journey to Konglor

I’d heard good things about the Konglor Cave…but the journey to get there? Not so much. A Stranger Friend told me it was easy to get to but impossible to leave. 1,300 more words


My new wheels!!

A very large and exciting box arrived yesterday… If actually signing up to do the longest cycle ride I’ve ever done wasn’t enough of a challenge, actually assembling my new bike may prove to be a bigger one! 243 more words


Well here goes....

One of the main inspirations for me starting this blog is that I have just (in a moment of madness) signed up to cycle from London to Brighton in September of this year. 130 more words


sneak peeks of episode 10 #WildThings - SEASON FINALE

Dom promised us an even bigger and better season, more animals, more danger, blood… he delivered! Don’t miss tonight’s SEASON FINALE on BBC America and OLN Canda,¬†and let’s keep our fingers crossed for season 3! 108 more words

Dominic Monaghan