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How Do You Top Cute? With ADORABLE!

OK, so yesterday I put up the video of the baby sea otter that was rescued. Then I find this adorable little fella called a “ 39 more words


Animal Magic

Upon speaking to my elderly aunt yesterday, I was struck by how much she reminds me of a little bird or perhaps a mouse. Some frantic tiny creature with a heart that beats a million times a minute and an complete inability to relax. 177 more words

Loveable Loris -The Plushy Profile.

Allow me to introduce you to Plushy- my favorite Slow Loris that resides in the “Night World” Exhibit at the Moscow Zoo.

Though he resembles more a mini bear than a baboon, Plushy can proudly lay claim to belonging to the Primate family .(species of strepsirrhineĀ primates which make up theĀ genus Nycticebus) 568 more words


Plushy getting the preferential treatment.

Yes, I know I could just leave the bowl in his enclosure and he can eat all by himself – but watching him go face first in his fruits just warms my heart, and in life , moments like that are rare so why pass them up ? 45 more words