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Slow Loris (genus Nycticebus)

I usually try and avoid blogging about primates, because I’m really not all that into them. I find monkeys and the great apes pretty boring, and have never had an interest in learning about them. 512 more words


Slow Loris - Monday Funday

Today is Monday. If Monday was an animal it would be this slow loping creature that you think looks all cute and adorable from a distance (read; from Friday) and then when it gets up close (read; when it gets to Sunday night) it bites you in the backside and sits there grinning at you. 134 more words

Monday Funday

Still beating!

Well, hell.

It feels like I haven’t updated this thing since, like, August 17th 2013. Much has happened. I’ll get to that. But for the time being let this just stand as my re-inaugural address–a sort of state of the union, or figurative CPR chest-pumping of the figurative hammering heart stopped hammering. 41 more words

Nu toate animalele sunt tot asa de inofensive pe cat sunt de comune.


1. Sepia.- se înrudeşte cu calamarul şi caracatiţa. Are zece braţe acoperite cu ventuze mici şi are şi un cioc, destul de mare. 497 more words

P-P-P-Poker Face

You have probably seen this little guy before. An adorable fury thing with huge eyes. It may seem pretty harmless, but the truth is that this is a venomous and endangered primate. 249 more words


Lady Gaga Bitten by Slow Loris Whilst Filming New Music Video

Lady Gaga has allegedly been bitten by a slow loris whilst on set filming for ‘G.U.Y’, an unreleased single from the number one album, ARTPOP. 146 more words