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Don't Miss the Train: Reflections on Slow Writing

The Art of Slow Writing by Louise DeSalvo (St. Martin’s Griffith, 2014) is an insightful, slow read for beginning writers. DeSalvo holds your hand and walks with you through the process of brainstorming, planning, writing, revising, and letting go of a book. 845 more words

Louise DeSalvo


And so it was, in the first pale hours of a year just barely opening its eyes, that minds were altered and perspectives surgically skewed. 61 more words

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When I Need a Quick Word Fix

When I can’t really be arsed to write, or I want to write but haven’t thought about what, I do little challenges. Most often that’s… 396 more words

Daytime Wanderings

On Winter Dreams & Slow Writing

If it’s true we all face death in the winter, a shortening of days, the long nights, is it also true we strive against it, moving nonstop in some mad attempt to make the most of each day, to feel we have lived it, and if that is too impossible a feat, that at least we have accomplished something? 674 more words


Slow Train Slow Writing

Theirs was a time of red dust in open mouths.
Have yam, sah? Have salt? Have water?
Smiling gone from the vocabulary,
any man with shoes would be swarmed by the blank-faced angels of our sweeping famine. 49 more words

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welcome to slow writing

Welcome to life as a slow writer.

I have been handed  a situation where I must slow down. I have no choice, I must. I was even given the word: I looked down, back at the beginning of all this, and found the word ‘slow’ on the floor. 482 more words