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1 Editing Rule to Remember

When I was a consultant, years ago, we used to have a rule: take the estimated time for a given project and multiply it by three when planning the work. 212 more words


Slow Writing. Slow Reading.

The Slow Movement

Some things are worth the time it takes to make them. Like slow food.

Case in point. The croissant. There is nothing quite like a croissant fresh from the oven, made lovingly by hand with prime ingredients. 2,371 more words


Lesser Fae of the Upper Realm: Nisse

When I first conceptualized SANYARE nearly two years ago, I made a fundamental choice about the universe my characters would live in: it would be based as much as possible on human mythology, but with a modern fantasy twist. 1,130 more words

Losing Time in Spare Moments

I admire and envy writers who can utilize any spare five or ten minutes from work or other activity to write. They dive right back into their writing without hesitation and continue with their thoughts as if they had never stopped. 493 more words

The Library

Slow Writing on Sunny Monday

There was nothing unusual about Alan Pearce – he ate breakfast, he liked golf; perfectly normal.

Rocking the boat wasn’t in a day’s work for Alan Pearce and he liked to keep to a fairly strict schedule in life. 59 more words

Daytime Wanderings

Edits are hard. (That's what she said.)

*Sorry, I couldn’t resist.*

But in all seriousness, edits are hard. Really hard. And they’re taking forever. At least, it seems that way.

In addition to the usual continuity issues and plot holes that need to be filled in any first draft, and the general word-smithing that must happen before I feel good about the work, I’ve had to completely rewrite several scenes in SANYARE to change points of view and add tension. 176 more words