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Book Review: Slow... by Digonta Bordoloi

In his debut book Slow, Digonta sets the story in the most picturesque and beautiful places of North-East India. Slow is the story of Baba and his family who moves to various towns of the region, thanks to the Government job of Baba’ s father. 369 more words


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재밌는 방식의 기부 방법.   

지난 50년 간 아프리카와 아시아, 남미에서 빈곤의 문제와 싸워온 단체인 Misereor 는 기부를 독려하기 위해 신용카드를 긁으면서 동시에 빵이 잘리거나 팔에 묶인 밧줄이 잘리는 등의 동영상을 구현한 기술 이용하였다.  


Marathon Training - Week Five

All week I was prepping myself for this run.  13 miles. I kept telling myself I had it in me.  I told my friends and coworkers to hold me accountable. 521 more words



We are dancing
Slow, close
Our noses, less than an inch apart
Both of us want
To lean in
Just a little closer
To kiss… 28 more words



How does it relate to On Photography discussion of this, but also Clare Short’s infamous “compassion fatigue” (1998)?

Also, how’s it in relation to “slow journalism”? 166 more words


Neutron Star Slows Down?

Neutron stars are known suddenly to begin rotating faster, but researchers say they’ve observed a sudden slowdown in one special kind of neutron star. They’ve dubbed this cosmic braking act an “anti-glitch.” The slowdown was detected in a magnetar—an ultra-magnetized neutron star that can exhibit dramatic outbursts of X-rays, sometimes so strong they can affect the Earth’s atmosphere from clear across the galaxy. 520 more words


Your Plate, Your Fate Review - Can Your Plate, Your Fate Help People Prevent Diseases and Slow Down The Aging Process? hynguyenblog.com

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) June 08, 2014
“Your Plate, Your Fate” is a new method that provides people with detailed and complete eating plan to help them balance all vitamins, nutrients, vital elements and minerals in their body. 10 more words

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