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Mothersloth - Moribund Star (Review)

Mothersloth are from Spain and this is their début album. They play (mostly) Instrumental Stoner/Doom Metal.

This album combines Doom, Sludge and Stoner with a bit of Progressive Rock to create an album that is much better than most albums without a vocalist has any right to be. 237 more words


Sorxe - Surrounded by Shadows (Review)

Sorxe are from the US and play Sludge/Doom.

Two bassists? Layered vocals? Textured soundscapes? Heavy as fuck Doom? Yes please!

Sorxe have a crushing sound that’s befitting of a band who have double the normal number of bass guitars. 222 more words


Top 10 Songs of the Week (8/15)

Sometimes, weeks can be draining. Reading the news only made it worse, with horrifying accounts of conflict at home and abroad, of beloved entertainers passing away, and people seemingly being more awful to each other than usual — things that can’t be solved by just a tweet or an ice bucket challenge. 1,268 more words

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Colombian Necktie - Twilight Upon Us (Review)

Colombian Necktie are from the US and this is their début album.

The band have a basis in Hardcore but build elements of Sludge and Metal on top of this to create something heavy, raw and nasty. 308 more words


Tales From Bandcamp: Gastronomicon by Slugdge

A concept band that plays proggy sludge metal about slugs.  How novel.  And like most novel things, I’m all about checking stuff like that out.  What else I’m all about, when a record/band with a novel concept turns out to be freaking great and flat-out kicks some metal ass.  137 more words


Review: Mastodon - Remission

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Genre: Sludge/Prog Metal
Released: May 28, 2002
Format Reviewed: FLAC
Feature: Underneath The Waves

By: Kris Kotlarik

Yes, this is an Underneath The Waves feature. 342 more words

Live: High on Fire set the Factory ablaze (20/7/14)

Matt Pike is the best all around metal guitarist since Tony Iommi. The man is a certified riff factory, a blistering soloist, and an absolute technician. 992 more words

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