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BIG News From the Slugs and Bugs Store! (Discounts, Tattoos, Posters, Oh My!)

Just in time for Christmas, there’s a slew of new goodies in the Slugs & Bugs Store, and TWO great discounts!

1. First, get 10% off everything in the store this week only (SALE ends Friday) by entering the discount code HAPPY at checkout. 351 more words


Results of the Poster Poll!

Our “Love One Another” poster poll got a terrific response from the Slugs & Bugs Neighborhood. Passions ran high, and a clear victor emerged, bathed in a warm orange glow. 231 more words


The Green Ember! FINAL DAY!!!!

If you haven’t already heard about The Green Ember… eek! You’re almost out of time! Order it today. Their hugely successful Kickstarter campaign is ALMOST OVER! 254 more words


Halloween Reconciliation Scripture Song

Nothing brings people together like a song. Unless it’s a terrible song, or a divisive song. Angry songs don’t bring people together so much, either. The point is, Halloween should unite us, not divide us. 107 more words


The Bitterness of Daily Faith

Daily faith is sometimes bitter. Jesus asks us to die every day. You died a little yesterday when you apologized to your co-worker or your spouse or your child. 259 more words


How Jesus Is Teaching Me Today

This morning I didn’t have time for prayer and bible reading. In other words, I woke up in my hotel room in Columbia, SC and watched Sportscenter for 45 minutes before posting a few tweets and taking the stairs down for breakfast. 183 more words

Slugs And Bugs

The Three Pillars of Slugs & Bugs

As I travel around the country, I’m often asked what Slugs & Bugs is all about. For tonight’s Twitter Party, I thought I’d lay out a short outline to help our discussion! 341 more words