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Gold Prospecting

Gold catches behind rocks, and other low pressure zones, that is true. But you must also remember, that during heavy storms, everything below those exposed rocks moves as a slurry. 49 more words

Some Gold

This is from a new spot that I’m really excited to dig. It didn’t take much work at all (compared to other spots I have dug) to get this. 17 more words


Here I will share with you a bit of my favorite hobby, Metal Detecting. I will post some of my finds, tips I may have, reviews and/or opinions on tools of the trade, and anything else related to the hobby.

Good good Friday

Good Friday is a strange day in a not particularly religious household. You find yourselves with an extra day off and it’s not really a day for celebrating but it may as well be a family day seeing as you’re all off together. 207 more words


Tuckerman Ravine via Right Gully

Tuckerman Ravine is one of my favorite alpine playgrounds in New England. Its big alpine vibe and the variety of routes are something you just don’t see on many New England mountains. 754 more words

Trip Report