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"Developing" games

How do ghetto kids from developing world spend their time during school vacation without playstation, xbox and such? It’s vacation this at the time of the year in Ghana and many kids do not attend vacation classes, therefore it’s the best time to see them playing and learn how they have fun and spend their time. 83 more words


Tommyboy: The Man Who Changed The Slum (Part 3)

It did not occur to me at first, but really in all seriousness Tommy did achieve his dream first. And like he said, it was without words and without goodbyes and all; he just disappears one morning to somewhere far away, with all his belonging in the slum gone along with the wind that is himself. 692 more words

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Tommyboy: The Son of A Gun's Dream (Part 2)

Read Tommyboy Part 1: Introducing The Slum

The thing is with being in The Slum, everybody asks everybody else how did they turn up in here. 708 more words

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4 Injured in Violent Clashes as Liberians Storm Ebola Barricades

At least four people were injured in clashes with Liberian soldiers and police after the government laid barbed wire barricades around a densely populated slum in an attempt to contain the spread of Ebola. 136 more words

Tommyboy: Introducing The Slum (Part 1)

Everybody who knows him calls the messy, long-haired, tall, incredibly thin man (you ought to see him, it was like he only lived as skin and bone) as “Tommy”, or, in loud voice, when in lieu of real good times the name “Tommyboy”. 432 more words

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Though this auto ride and walk have become somewhat routine for me, though this area is becoming familiar, it is never the same. Every time I walk the streets of Teynampet slums it seems different. 499 more words

Poetry Slum Contest: Win a Green Day CD!

Diane, I’m holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies used Green Day Shenanigans CD (circa 2002). This is Green Day before the era of… 295 more words