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sleep . . . glorious sleep

Lack of sleep is a dreadful thing, especially when done purposefully as the author did these past thirty (30) hours or so, troubleshooting the old PC. 72 more words

On the Crest of a Dream

On the Crest of a Dream

I take one fatal footstep

On this forbidding track

The breezes tremble

In their duplicitous silence

It lies secluded… 125 more words


Patter Of Fall Rain (Tanka)

Patter of fall rain
Hypnotic in its rhythm
Lulling me to sleep
Warm and dry in my slumber
My soul is truly at peace

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~




Tonight , I cannot sleep,
The black night has shining stars,
and a star scattered around the moon,
emitting a love too deep.

Slumber, I cannot achieve, 236 more words

Vedant Dev Sharma

Hazardous Slumber

Whereas I love this layout for a bedroom…

I sleepwalk.

So this is a very pretty death sentence.

Hence the safety net and glass floor panes.



Throw you hands up for nap time!


A Mechanical World

I am
Scorning at the
Leaves that are swaying

The wind
For sweeping my
Hair albeit I like

The sun… 46 more words

Guest Elfje