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2014 04 22 Poetry: Or Am I

Or Am I

I lie awake in morning hours
Stepping out from cluttered dreams
Dusting out the cobwebbed drawers
Waking up, or so it seems… 175 more words


WELCOA Wednesday

The Benefits of Slumber

We have so many demands on our time — jobs, family, errands — not to mention finding┬ásome time to relax. To fit everything in, we often sacrifice sleep. 140 more words


What it means when someone says 'you look tired'

I’m sick and tired (pardon the pun) of people looking at me with concerned eyes and saying ‘you look tired.’ How the hell do you even answer that? 92 more words

46: No Directive: Rest

As the last weeks of school are haunting me, I have not gotten as much rest as I like. Not to complain, since I usually  bring it upon myself by procrastinating. 65 more words

the kennedys

He was absolutely gone. I had only seen him remotely like this once or twice before and it was nothing in comparison.

I’m not sure what he had taken, but it resulted in him wearing one silver plated tooth and being filmed for an interview. 174 more words


In Your World

By Tiffany Jefferis

I woke up with you by my side
What a wonderful site to see
My love is slumbering peacefully… 60 more words

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