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Once upon a dream!


If only I could ever say it right,

the things I saw when all was quiet.

Beyond that hill, where the wind is still,

the stars above were not a distant sight. 161 more words


Slumber Love

I wish I could watch you sleep at night. Deep into your slumber as I trace the lines on your face. The fine marks where your youthful glow was. 192 more words


In my head I have killed you with your pillow.. from your bedroom... which you CLEARLY THINK YOU ARE IN!!!


Sleeping on the tube – The Rules

  1. Snoozing in the morning/after work. A sleep that is restful, yet you are aware of your surroundings (like the fact this isn’t actually your bedroom), the other commuters and when your stop is.
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Developed-in Slumber Party

My 6 yr outdated son had his first slumber get together final month. Instantaneously, I had all these memories of wonderful sleepovers throughout my childhood. We’d pile 4 or 5 ladies onto the floor of my area with sleeping bags, videos, junk foods, the yearbook and tons of speak. 9 more words


jeff goldblum is anton levey pt 1

I was in his neighborhood and dropped by unannounced. His home was different. The warm minimalism I had gotten used to was absent. This home was a stomach that had been fed royal colored velvets, ornately carved and gilded furniture, flocked wallpaper, crystal, and stained glass. 918 more words


24 hrs of sleep

Lids down, fall

into the purple galaxy of 

a wandering mind.

Fatigue presses down on my unravelling cortex,

altogether given up holding itself together

dissipates into nothingness, escaping into the infinite  55 more words