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it was a long day assisting Josia in these depressed areas, but i am sure my feat will not even come close to what these kids do. 85 more words


Sleep not Child for the Rains are Here...

May i remember well, and in the process receive accolades from those of us favored to spend our childhood together in spontaneous games and jests as the weather dictated. 456 more words

An Urban Turkey

Turkey: Urban Political Economy

” The Middle East has long been dominated by its cities.” Throughout the history of the MENA region, water has always been a scarce resource, thus naturally cities would form near water sources. 1,373 more words


Colombia is, after Syria, the country with the highest number of registered internally displaced people as of 2013—5.7 million, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency.

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Hand to Mouth Living in Bootstrap America ~ by Linda Tirado


A friend has recommended that I read this book. I’m looking forward to it and have just downloaded it to my Nook. (I use a Nook because I can have hundreds of books, and it takes up less space than just one. 1,150 more words


World Habitat Day Observed at Marwah Studios

The UN General Assembly designated the first Monday of October of every year as World Habitat Day. This year, the United Nations chose the theme ‘Voices from Slums’. 116 more words

Cities and Climate Change

Coping with climate change – urban edition.

More and more people are moving cities.


They come seeking their fortunes – hoping for better lives – be it better education for their children, higher paying jobs, better healthcare etc. 415 more words