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Lost boys

Lost boys

I’ve just returned to Lagos and noticed how hard the faces of the local area boys were. Boys in their teens with scars and penetrating eyes, screwed up mouths and desperate husky voices. 209 more words


Brazil's Poor Voters

Photos by Felipe Dana

Children play amid tumbledown shacks in some of Rio de Janeiro’s poorest hillside “favela” slums, places where armed drug traffickers lay down the law, stray bullets fly and raw sewage oozes into the streets. 402 more words



Via Escalalatina

Sometimes, it is possible to observe proper hipsters sipping coffee in a nice little café in the middle of a cultural centre in Mexico, or a Nordic family in the middle of a Venezuelan street food market up in the hills of Petare. 141 more words



it was a long day assisting Josia in these depressed areas, but i am sure my feat will not even come close to what these kids do. 85 more words


Sleep not Child for the Rains are Here...

May i remember well, and in the process receive accolades from those of us favored to spend our childhood together in spontaneous games and jests as the weather dictated. 456 more words

An Urban Turkey

Turkey: Urban Political Economy

” The Middle East has long been dominated by its cities.” Throughout the history of the MENA region, water has always been a scarce resource, thus naturally cities would form near water sources. 1,373 more words


Colombia is, after Syria, the country with the highest number of registered internally displaced people as of 2013—5.7 million, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency.

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