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The Most Important Applied Research Paper This Year? Perhaps Any Year?

Walk through a poor rural or urban landscape and the vista seems to repeat itself unchanged. But delve deeper and differences appear. One robust finding from India is that poor Muslim children have a much better survival rate than poor Hindu children – childhood mortality is about one-fifth lower among Muslims. 627 more words

Richard Lilford


 As a child, I loved trains. Travelling by train was my idea of heaven. Running through the length of the train- the darkened and cold ac compartments, the overcrowded 3rd class compartments, the friends we would make on the train, the sea of humanity, the changing scenery and so on. 86 more words

Behind the Beautiful Forevers: An analysis in inclusion

Slums  in Bombay are an excellent example of the growing inequalities, financial and social. My analysis is located in attempts to highlighting the asymmetry of information, disintegration of the individual in a social settings, and most importantly financial exclusions of people in the slums… 1,014 more words

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Squatters move out of Venezuela's 'Tower of David' super slum in Caracas

Thousands of squatters have started moving out of an abandoned skyscraper in Venezuela, dubbed the world’s tallest shanty-town.

Soldiers in Caracas have started moving out the more than 1,150 families living in the 45-storey ‘Tower of David’, which was taken over by squatters in the 1990s. 323 more words


The Chennai Children: A story untold

If you are walking down the Eliot’s beach and haven’t yet encountered a little boy or a girl who is desperately convincing you to buy a sticker off him or her, its high time you rechecked your location! 264 more words

Let the Hopeless Indian Slum Dwellers Find Hope

Living in a home without much free space is always a hot topic in Hong Kong. High population density and rising land prices make people moan and groan. 568 more words


India Said to Seek Mumbai Airport Slum Removal on Terror

India’s federal government has asked officials in Mumbai for a plan to evict some 90,000 slum dwellers living around the airport after terrorist attacks on airfields in  596 more words