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What I LOVE about Thai Culture: 7-Eleven

Yep you read that right! I have come to really love 7-Elevens

(or “Seven” according to the locals)!

  1. You can get most of your daily needs here…
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"If you could fill up any cup with Slurpee, what would it beĀ ?"

This is the question Slurpee Australia asked their 150,000 Facebook fans a little before launching its new original campaign, the “Bring Your Own Cup Day” 271 more words


Bring-Your-Own-Cup Day at 7-11

It was “bring your own cup” day at 7-11 yesterday. You could bring any container, fill it with any of 7-11′s drinks, and pay $1.49 for it.

Someone (not me) did this:


Photos: Winnipeggers fill their own Slurpee cups - with gusto

Winnipeggers know a good deal when they hear about one. And they aren’t afraid to embrace it.

7-11 held a “Bring Your Own Slurpee Cup” 35 more words


Winnipeggers invited to fill up any container with Slurpees

This could get sticky.

Winnipeg 7-Eleven stores are celebrating the first day of spring by giving customers the chance to fill up pretty well any vessel of their choosing with Slurpee. 131 more words


FREE Small Slurpee at 7-Eleven!!!

I am SO jealous of those of you that live by a 7-Eleven!! Why? Because the only Slurpee’s I can get my hands on are at the movies. 44 more words

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