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'Diet Coke Frost Cherry' Dies Before We've Even Had A Chance To Complain About It

In February, Coca-Cola made a big announcement that Diet Coke lovers had maybe, possibly been waiting a long time for — that the top-selling low-cal cola would now be available in frozen form as something called Diet Coke Frost. 250 more words

New-found self-control when it comes to Slurpees

My right front tire was a little flat yesterday so my husband and I headed to Texaco, but there were 2 other cars in front of us lined up for the air pump.   141 more words


Summers of Slurpees

The wind across my skin cools me as I pedal faster on my huffy. I’m in a race against my friends to the turn at the back-alley where we park our bikes before counting our change. 487 more words


War Machine And The Quest For A Slurpee

Everyone’s favorite lunatic felon moron and Bellator welterweight, WarJon KoppenhaverMachine is prone to intense bouts of rage. Usually, it’s over something inconsequential, and a normal person would be able to handle things in a mature, adult manner. 326 more words