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Hot and Cold

30 minutes before noon after fixing my things, I headed straight the road and rushed to get a jeepney for my first ride. I wonder about the same scenario I am about to experience again. 404 more words


I Brake for Spoon Straws

Should I be embarrassed that I stop at 7-11 everyday? Probably. I’m a 35 year old woman – I should be at Panera. Or at the very least – the Starbucks inside of Vons. 517 more words


The Sweetest Marshmallow Cola Dessert To Ever Dessert. Ever.

I love sweets. I don’t care what form they are in. I don’t have just a sweet tooth – I have a sweet, um, I don’t know. 631 more words

Gluten Free

I Ate All The Sugar and Forgot How To Werc-Owt....Werk-Ought....Work-Out.

It’s that time of year again, time to reevaluate your life as a human being and get really pissed off about who you’ve become.

You’re fat, you’re lazy, your bed is your best friend, you’re borderline diabetic. 630 more words

Mariano Martinez, Man of the Margaritas

Consider if you will, one Mariano Martinez, high-school drop-out from Dallas, Texas. The year is 1971 and Mr. Martinez opens Mariano’s Hacienda, a restaurant serving Mexican food. 340 more words

Funny Names In Food