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Mariano Martinez, Man of the Margaritas

Consider if you will, one Mariano Martinez, high-school drop-out from Dallas, Texas. The year is 1971 and Mr. Martinez opens Mariano’s Hacienda, a restaurant serving Mexican food. 340 more words

Funny Names In Food

The real reason Oklahoma 7-Elevens sell Icys and not Slurpees

Recently I wrote a post about why there are no QuikTrips in the Oklahoma City Metro area. You can read that post here. But I’ve had some questions as to why there are no 7-Elevens in the Tulsa area. 303 more words


The Proof of Paper Planes

I remember being seven or eight years old the first time I made a paper plane.

The process was simple, folding the paper and bending the corners back to form the ‘wings’ thereby giving the rudimentary flying vessel properties of aerodynamic lift. 1,190 more words