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Surviving My Ex-Girlfriend

Recently I tried to rekindle something with an Ex. It was all flirty at first when we met back up. But all her flirting and sex craving was because she was depressed from her break up with her now boyfriend. 111 more words

3 Reasons I'm Okay With Being A Failed Slut

I’m so old, I remember when “hook ups” were called “one night stands.”

I was born in the 1960s and grew up in the 1970s. That’s when Baby Boomers were hurriedly trying to flush what was left of “old fashioned” moral values (and even plain common sense) down the toilet. 718 more words

Sex Education Isn't Protecting Teens, It's Encouraging them.

As a teen, I find it extremely troubling when I go to a party and see the girls around me act like common whores. Of course, the same applies to the young men, yet they only get away with it because the girls make it so easy. 156 more words


So I was watching a Dr. Phil rerun the other day. Dr. Phil had this moronic guest on his show, a man who thought that just because a woman flaunts what she has she becomes a slut. 698 more words


5 Reasons I Love Women (But Hate Feminists)

First of all, I would like to start by saying I’m not a sexist; in fact, I think all women deserve the same rights as men. 1,153 more words

you know what gets me

so after the whole xbox-is-better-than-a-real-girl fiasco. 

He dumped me. 



After stringing me along for over a week, leading me to believe everything was all hunky dory and perfectly imperfect – and inviting me out to a really luscious dinner with his parents at an exclusive perth restaurant – he just ended it. 257 more words

Fucking and santa.

I think I only want to get laid. I think this feeling is biological… but then when I saw him holding his boyfriends hand why did I get that feeling you get after you do cocain… Want.. 85 more words