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Compersion. You’ve heard this word before no? It’s essentially taking pleasure in someone else’s pleasure…and here’s the kicker…even if their pleasure has NOTHING to do with you! 76 more words

Tuesday ass beating

Will post story later.

I actually drew blood before the bruising


Good night abe-zure

I love you and tomorrow is going to be a brighter day than today


Back to basics

Ok tonight is the beginning of a new journey. I had my bitch scrub the kitchen naked. And help pack too.
He scrubbed my back and my whole body in the shower all on his knees. 245 more words



Ok today is going to be a very emotional day. In 30 mins my ex is coming to pick up and move his stuff to his house in San Angelo.  161 more words



I guess everyone is asleep that’s where I should be lol. But if I dont start packing now it will never get done. And this way spending time with my son his last few days here. 32 more words


Exciting news

Today we officially found out that we will be moving to Millington TN soon. The bad news is I have to stay behind and sell the house. 152 more words