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I'm a Prostitute and I deserve to live!

Sex. Slut. Prostitution.

Sex. Slut. Prostitution.

Sex. Slut. Prostitution.

The words did incessant cartwheels in my mind, and my head started to reel, as I read the words one-after-the-other. 1,156 more words

WE-YOU (The View)


It’s a shame that
you never broke into
the supermodel scene.
Hey, kudos to you
for getting up
and chasing
tired dreams.
Changing clothes
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Madonna/Whore dichotomy in male mate selection


…..What isn’t talked about much, and should factor heavily into neoreactionary thought, is that men have a mirror dichotomous mating strategy. The mating strategy is called the…

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Stranger in the afternoon

My pulse is racing and my pussy is dripping.

I’m moving from bed to chair in the room. I catch my reflection as I pass the mirror, dressed in a cheap Lycra dress, so low cut you can almost see my belly button and skyscraper shoes. 1,686 more words

Rantswers® 8.1

Hi there all y’all in the Rants Army!  Yeah, I got good and buzzed – well, maybe more than that, truth be told –  before I attempted the below Rantswers® to your awesomesauce questions.   507 more words


Fecundity comes at a price

The last article I linked to in these pages was atrocious. This one is not:

Immigration is only one part of a complex story. Another reason why the labour supply in the US went up in the 19th century is, not to put too fine a point on it, sex.

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College-educated Elites