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Canucks gone cray-cray: but I was consensually choking the bitch, eh

In re: this Jian Ghomeshi sexual harassment/assault/wrongful termination/libel thing: fuuuuuck. There’s no way it isn’t eerie, and no, I don’t mean the mistake on the other lake. 3,764 more words

Bitchslapping The Watchdogs

No Date for the Cheating Wife

Last Wednesday evening was one of the most emotional therapy sessions I had since my husband decided that I wasn’t a good enough wife anymore earlier this year.  608 more words


Am I A Slut?

Am I a slut? I ask myself at least twice daily; like a drug for self-doubt, taken with every meal. What does it mean to be a slut? 1,026 more words


I hate bras. I hate them about as much as I love panties. Bras are like prisons for breasts, and rather oppressive. Panties on the other hand, seem to be like a gift wrapping around your favourite toy. 194 more words

Fuck Buddy

Party Girls

Okay so this is an issue which I’m sure many girls have come across, when a boy has a lot of casual sexual relations he’s seen as cool, a player and for the most part is respected for his actions. 351 more words

Cute Boy Part II.

So I went to that party that Cute Boy asked me to, and guess what?  He didn’t talk to me.  True story.  Guy was very excited I came and mentioned that Cute Boy would be so happy I was there, so I thought, “OK, this is good!”  I said hello to Cute Boy and he did seem happy and again I was like “OK, this is good!”  Then I went to the bar and he was six feet away from me but was on his phone and didn’t talk to me and I was like, “OK, this is a little weird.”  Then I sat for two and a half hours with a friend, who came with me, at a party where I didn’t know a soul and waited.  162 more words


Blake the Snake Chimes In

Went down to the breaking place. Threw concrete tiles against the ground until I was sweating under my coat. This was at nightfall. Winter now, no magic hour. 631 more words