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Slut Shaming

Let’s be clear before I tackle this dead horse ( or is it dead if people still think it just? ): dishonesty is an awfully icky trait to have. 221 more words



Ok I am gettin excited! !
I have this song stuck in my head…

Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane.
Ain’t got time to take a fast train. 173 more words


Tongue-punching one's lover in the fart box, as one does

If your reaction to the title was along the lines of “who the fuck wants to do that?”, good for you. My reaction, alas, was much more understanding. 1,519 more words

Concern Trolls

White Boys

Here we go with the mentality, I am sure you have heard of the text messages, the typical “I want to marry a virgin but I want to do every girl in sight” type of deal. 218 more words


Soon to be together

Ok just 4 days to go untill I see my hubby/slave. I will be bringing my toys with me mwahahaha. He will be in for a doozy. 82 more words


Running into an ex-lover, and other things that kept me occupied last week

Happy Monday.

It doesn’t feel like Monday, since I worked all weekend. I’m not asking for sympathy but it did kind of suck.

Of course, I can’t go many days without some kind of awkward situation. 617 more words


These hoe's ain't loyal

Just over a week ago, last Thursday night after a great night out in Dalston celebrating a friend’s birthday, we were on the quest to find a food place that was open. 1,001 more words