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The Day I Officially Become His Sub

It all started with the excitement over the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. Although I disliked the book, I do enjoy the subject matter. I’ve always been fascinated by and dabbled a teensy eensy bit in light BDSM. 233 more words


Opinion – Here Come the Girls

Is history doomed to repeat itself? Yesterday (Saturday, 18th of October) I read the Guardian’s review section and I felt exasperated and irritated by the first few pages. 498 more words


Social Security

This is a subject that tends to boil my blood. The United States has a reasonably solvent, well-managed, and efficient federal pension system, and political extremists are trying to destroy it. 2,306 more words

Bitchslapping The Watchdogs

I'm A Slut, And I Thoroughly Enjoy It

Fifty-two. That’s my number. I’m twenty-five and have been sexually active for nine years. That averages about 5.8 men a year. When you factor in my one three-year committed relationship, that makes it about 8.5, many of which were one-night-stands. 1,627 more words

How My Mother Turned Me Into the Halloween Costume Slut I Am Today

Costumes, more specifically the creativeness that comes along with them – has never been my forte. Not only that, I lack the gene that comes up with even original getups. 1,582 more words


Let's Stop With the Slut Shaming

Whenever someone talks about tattoos in a ridiculously uneducated and unfair way, I normally do a great job in avoiding it. A lot of the time, I genuinely don’t care. 959 more words


Young-ens Halloween-ing Their Way Through Puberty

Ah, yes. It is that time of year again when young women can be overheard wandering through university courtyards and shopping centres asking their comrades if they would look better dressed as: 513 more words