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Sluts are a dime a dozen

Let me start by saying that I am all about sexual freedom. I am just a bit more selective than people who enjoy their sexual freedom.   258 more words

It takes two to stupid

Okay, it doesn’t always, but a second dumbass never hurts. Double the dipshits, more than double the dumb-dumb; these things scale exponentially, not linearly, you know. 1,777 more words

College-educated Elites

Big men and rape

If you want to hear something both poignant and excruciating, take a listen to Scott Simon’s recent interview with Bill and Camille Cosby. It’s pretty tragic stuff, if you think about it, and pretty weird, too. 2,249 more words

College-educated Elites

All but you

Im gona fall in love,
With all but you.
I’m gonna share my
kisses with every guy
that wants it… but not you.
I will let them have my body, 160 more words

The Truth About Feminism

What is history? History is about women following behind with the bucket.” – Mrs Lintott, The History Boys (Alan Bennett)

One issue that has plagued social media, and has been the source of many a conflict recently, has been feminism.

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