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At the favorite dive

Some female who’s advances I rejected, asked me if I thought I was; “gods gift to women” and I snapped back “apparently not with the lesbian ones!”


Everybody knows sex sells, some even go balls- deep.


               HOT DIGGITY DOGG SLUTS!

 Ha Ha just kidding! Not for real, this one is just the Homo Sausage. 15 more words

Soul-searching, sluts, expats and locals: My Life in Bali Thus Far

Life in Bali…palm trees, rice paddy fields, the smiling and kind Balinese, blah, blah, blah.


Some rice paddy fields outside of Ubud (courtesy of Google Images) 837 more words

Super Slut Of The Day: Archer

Proud to introduce

TV Cartoon Series Secret Agent Super Slut..     ARCHER

(Series is available for viewing on NETFLIX)

This guy is the most arrogant slut face around, but he sure is one good looking cartoon slut, and sure knows his way around the artillery, which is pretty sexy… 73 more words


The question of the day is….

Do sluts have more fun?

Based on the material provided, I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Well the old and wise seem to think so…… 91 more words